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  1. Playing MAP10 of Hacx. Looks like cubic crap, but maybe that's how cyberspace looks.
  2. Kut

    Mr noodles

    Роллтон, another rushn noodles, are the noodles I see everywhere and use the most. :D
  3. If the artist just called someone a retard, I can live with that and enjoy their art regardless. If the artist was a pædophile, murderer or other creepy things, I avoid their art.
  4. Kut

    Why does UV-Max not include items?

    "Items" is an unreliable category, collecting all of them would be a slog, not to mention that most stock maps neglect this category.
  5. Doom was revolutionary and popular. Heretic was just a cartoony medieval clone of Doom with inventory. Hexen was darker, but had a lot of obscure puzzles. Inventory and puzzles were groundbreaking back then, but the focus on them led to slower-paced gameplay, something people of 90's didn't like. People were playing games for fun and Doom was simple enough to enjoy. Also the reputation of being "Doom clones".
  6. I got into Doom because it's relatively easy to map for. Also because I don't have much choice with my old compuner.
  7. Kut

    anyone want to co-op with me?

    Piracy is not allowed on DW. We also have Doom Multiplayer for coop and such. If you are playing on Zandronum, you can host a server easily.
  8. Kut


    Yes. And use the 'Edit' button. Don't doublepost in the future. :)
  9. Kut


    Looks cool! You should start a thread where you post your enemies, just so the new monster threads didn't pile up.
  10. Go to "Gameplay Options" and choose stuff you need. There is the "DMFLAGS = 0 DMFLAGS2 = 0" text above. After choosing the flags, memorize the numbers. Create "autoexec.cfg" file in your ZDoom folder, and put the following commands there: dmflags [number] dmflags2 [number] And voila, the dmflags are automatically set!
  11. Kut

    What are you playing now?

    Just completed Hexen on skill 4, using Mage class. Damn, that was a ride. Took me 7-8 hours. I don't understand people who say Mage is the weakest class. Mage's first weapon managed to stay useful throughout most of the game. Second weapon was good to use without green mana, but I didn't use it a lot. Third weapon is good for killing Reivers, Slaughtaurs and Serpents, love it. I didn't use fourth weapon a lot either, but it fucking annihilated Korax and Heresiarch. The bosses are... underwhelming. Every boss was defeated with either Bloodscourge or Arc of Death. It's sad, actually. It was easy probably because I was playing on skill 4 and not 5. But I'll leave this masochism for later. Or never. Had to look at the walkthrough a few times. Raven did a good job of designing a puzzly game! Now onto Deathkings.
  12. It's unsuitable for testing vanilla WADs because it doesn't replicate the tutti-frutti effect. It's the only drawback I know.
  13. Singleplayer: PrBoom+ supports everything for Vanilla and Boom, which means 95% of WADs. GZDoom has a lot of advanced features, but screws up the vanilla compatibility. If you want to play Heretic, Hexen or Strife, there are the Chocolate- ports. The only other port for them is GZDoom. EDIT: Crispy Heretic exists. If you want to make limit-removing levels, but don't want to deal with ZDoomisms, use it. Multiplayer: Odamex is a good classic port, but it's dead. ZDaemon has some advanced features like slopes and water, but nothing too sophisticated. Zandronum is full of diverse mods, you can call some friends and have a lot of fun. If you want to play Heretic, Hexen or Strife, the Chocolate- ports also support multiplayer. Again, the only other port for them is Zandronum. Other: Chocorenderlimits is a good port for testing vanilla compatibility, allowing you to place detail within vanilla limits. There is no equivalent for Heretic, Hexen and Strife, sadly, so for them it's trial-and-error. PrBoom+ is unsuitable for testing your own WADs. Use Chocolate Doom for vanilla, Crispy Doom for limit-removing, PrBoom+ for Boom.
  14. Kut

    (SOLVED) Custom monster help?

    Check the console for errors, it has everything.
  15. Hello. This project seems nice and I want to contribute. I'll submit a map here. Link. E1M2 - "Outpost" (1:15)