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  1. TheStupidestBeing

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    demon cat
  2. TheStupidestBeing

    Make A Story Out Of The Profile Pic Above You

    The Helltaker woke up, and realised everything was a dream, no demon girls exist, the nearest being a cacodemon with a malformation under his eyes that made him look like he had breasts. Helltaker then vomited
  3. TheStupidestBeing

    why are so many topics being closed to further replies?

    Something weird i noticed is that some really old threads (2004-2012) are closed, with no clear reason why, no last message from mods telling why, no one broke the rules, and that, maybe to avoid necroposting? If that was the case, there's already a warning about necroposting when you're commenting on a thread that was dormany for 3+ months
  4. TheStupidestBeing

    Revenant vs Vore

    I've been addicted to Quake recently, and when i discovered the Vore, after getting hit because of not knowing their patterns, i thought: "So, they're a copy-paste of the Revenant, right?", and from the experience i have, i see them exactly the same, but, while i love the Revenant because of his fun mechanics and the challenge they present, i HATE the Vore. Anyone know any differences between these two that explain why i hate the Vore?
  5. TheStupidestBeing

    Thoughts on puzzle maps

    I love them, i feel like Shooters should be more of a "think and shoot" instead of a "kill kill kill", although that's probably because the first shooter i ever played was Portal, and then Half-Life
  6. TheStupidestBeing

    Make A Story Out Of The Profile Pic Above You

    (Ok, i think the story's going nowhere, lemme start a new story) This is the story of a man named Cyberdemon. Cyberdemon lived on the 7th circle of hell, along Satan. But one day, Satan was gone, he left a letter for Cyberdemon saying: "Dear Cybie: You're a good demon, but you have little to no muscels, that's why i'm ordering you to leave hell until you turn into the maximun demon, you need to work your abs!" Cybie then followed Satan's orders, he moved to the biggest mountain and worked his abs, until...
  7. TheStupidestBeing

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The courier, the only man with the ability to survive 2 fucking shots to the head
  8. TheStupidestBeing

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Girl with rifle
  9. TheStupidestBeing

    Do You Back Up Your Work?!!

    nope.avi, GZDB does it already, and i don't actually need them, but when i started mapping they saved my crappy 6 map wad, because i put a script in Slade in the wrong place, wich deleted everythin, luckily, i had like 20 backups, i used the newest, copy pasted the map and the enemies, and voilah! Fixed
  10. TheStupidestBeing

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    Can you please stop? This is not a topic about piracy, it's about the fourth episode of Doom, if we get off topic, this will get closed, just like the "I'm so freaking done!" topic by @Doomkid that turned political
  11. TheStupidestBeing

    Doom Builder feature wishlist

    A big problem i had since i started mapping is the floor and ceiling textures being unadjustable (is unadjustable an english word?), i don't have a big problem with normal floors and ceilings, but with teleporters! Teleporters are the biggest headache i ever got while mapping, why can't i adjust the floor and ceiling textures but for the walls i can? Other than that, it's cool
  12. TheStupidestBeing

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Doom: Gameboy Garage Edition!
  13. TheStupidestBeing

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    Probably Doom 2, the levels are a maze, so you have to go back and forth for that damn red key, and in that time, some Pain Elemental you killed 20 minutes ago respawns and waits you in the red door with 20 Lost Souls.
  14. TheStupidestBeing

    thoughts on Thy Flesh Consumed

    Unfair, worse than some of Doom II's maps, it seemed like Id just wanted to cash in the success of Doom by making hard and unfair maps, the funny thing is, the difficulty curve (at least for me) was reversed, the first map was a chore, but the others were easy. Id really seems to have a tradition of cashing on Doom by making hard mapsets that are awful, look at Master Levels for Doom II
  15. TheStupidestBeing

    i am SO FREAKING DONE guys !!!!!!!

    I'm not sure if the second one is a troll, he's called "Krist the 30 year old boomer", are you sure he's not a troll?