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  1. Doom guy doesn´t respect the quarantine, demons just want to send him home.
  2. mlgmarck

    The Doom Marine.wad

    The cacos room is possible in all difficulties (100% kills), except in nightmare, a must fix that. some of those problems like the pain elemental room are fixed in the next version, so don´t worry. i didn´t think on pistol start, but most of the people play like that so, im gonna improve the maps! thanks for playing it and for the comment, it really helps!
  3. mlgmarck

    The Doom Marine.wad

    I have an idea! thanks a lot!!!
  4. mlgmarck

    The Doom Marine.wad

    how did i forgot the most important! 100% of the kills! you opened my eyes with that, im gonna fix the ammo and health in some parts, like the big cacodemon room (it´s possible to kill them all) in map 1, the inside room switches, just in case you close yourself in that room, the principal is in front of the platform, (you need to shoot it) in map 2, sorry, i didn,t know about those settings, thanks for saying it! in map 3, i´m still thinking in how to kill the barons, any suggestions is welcome. in map 4, the spider mastermind is just an object here. in map 5, i know why you pass the level, if you go in order you can get 100% kills those difficulty stuff.... im gonna work on them now, (there are 10 levels now, so im gonna improve them all) thanks for playing it! and for leaving a comment! i hope you can play the other five! :D
  5. mlgmarck

    The Doom Marine.wad

    oh yeah! the maps are gonna change a lot (i mean the textures) so the map can be more "nice" to the player. (i need a lot of practise) the enemies, hehehe seeing them now, they are a lot, and are in bad positions (bad= frustrating) im gonna see that in the future, thanks for that! also: thanks for commenting, im so happy that someone really play it, thanks a lot.
  6. mlgmarck

    The Doom Marine.wad

    here, a project that i had weeks ago, is still a wip but is playable, a lot of map with a lot of fun and risk. link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4qul1nahip05x8/THE DOOM MARINE.wad?dl=0 NEW VERSION: link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4qul1nahip05x8/THE DOOM MARINE.wad?dl=0 You can play it on GZDOOM (recommended) and if there´s any bug or stuff please tell me :D it brings: - 10 doom levels (map01-map10) (they can change in the future) - a lot of fun! - play it on every difficulty and in UV for a real challenge. - NEW demons positions and more balance in some levels. - if you play Pistol Start, it´s your lucky day, i make that all of the levels can be beated like this. - Ignore map11, is like a "teaser" - and nothing else, just get fun as i did when i created them. SOON: Thanks to all the comments, now i know what to fix on those maps. -Difficulties (DONE IT, except nightmare) - Consider 100% kill on every map (DONE IT) - A better use of some textures (WIP) - And the famous, Pistol Start. (DONE IT) see you soon! and thanks for all the comments! it makes me so happy to read all of them. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marck12311 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXhYODHV0O5V3IhtBepEVwg?view_as=subscriber
  7. mlgmarck