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  1. Eyud

    Does Anyone Play at 35 fps?

    Mostly high res/framerate but sometimes I'll switch over to chunky pixels and 35 fps for a bit just for fun.
  2. Eyud

    small nitpicks?

    - The HUD while playing is overall pretty good, but I would love to see ammo/equipment indicators around the reticle. - The UI outside of the HUD is pretty bad, at least on mouse and keyboard. - I wish the BFG worked like the chainsaw (press a button to use it immediately, then return to your previous weapon) and it wasn't part of the regular weapon rotation. - I wish the demon summons/abilities in Battlemode worked like the chainsaw too. One key/button to use, rather than one to select and another to use. - I wish the binds for demons in Battlemode weren't shared. - The "mortally challenged" joke was way overused and not that funny to begin with. Absolutely love the game though. Probably tied with Titanfall 2 for my favorite shooter ever.
  3. Eyud

    What do you want for DLC?

    New environments/locations and new enemies are what I'm looking forward to most. Don't care about story connections.
  4. It took me five tries to beat the first Marauder but I don't think I've died to one since. I don't understand all the anger about them. It's good to have some variety in combat! Honestly the Gladiator is much harder for me. I really suck at dodging those second phase wave attacks.
  5. Eyud

    Cant Perfect Perfection Milestone

    You can, I took Faster Dasher as my one suit upgrade and it takes four points/tokens.
  6. Eyud

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    Classic, demonic, zombie, and ember are all pretty great.
  7. Eyud

    Cant Perfect Perfection Milestone

    You can acquire extra suit upgrade points, as long as you don't actually use them. Be careful with crystals, when you interact with them you're forced to choose an upgrade.
  8. Can't stop playing it. First run was on HMP, second was ITYTD because I was going for the extra life mode and Can't Perfect Perfection challenges, and I just finished a 100% UV run last night.
  9. Eyud

    Doom 2016 vs Doom Eternal

    Both are great but I definitely prefer Eternal. I really enjoy the changes they made to combat and I love the environments and level design. Its only been out two weeks and I’m already at double the total hours I put into 2016 (100 vs 50). Same here!