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  1. Trikk

    New preview + New screenshot

    I think you're all expecting a bit too much from a Yahoo! article. Oh, and where can I find that Pat guys e-mail, I have a bunch of questions (how much you can modify the HUD, CVARs, etc).
  2. Trikk

    Which monster looks the best so far...

    Concept art != screenshot
  3. Trikk

    Dungeon Keeper Mod :)

    I was just airing my opinion, that I doubt it'll ever be released and that making a mod that is so huge is a bad idea when you've never released anything before. Making a concept for a mod isn't hard at all, the hard part is mapping, programming and designing. And could you stop putting periods after the links?
  4. Trikk

    Too scary? / Non stop cutscene gore movie

    One word: R. The kids and teens will play HL2 like crazy, but I doubt Doom3 will cater to the people with the "I can win" attitude that most people have today. Also, Counter-Strike and TF2.
  5. Trikk

    Dungeon Keeper Mod :)

    Sorry, haven't heard about any mod being made by you, dEaThMaStErRi. Well, could you show me some of the 11 mods you've done.
  6. Yeah, I wonder why... *cough*US*cough*. Israel would've perished if a certain superpower hadn't been persuaded by a certain lobby-group.
  7. Trikk

    Oh Yes....

    Railgun is like Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy, when you get it all other weapons becomes obsolete. Q3 was very balanced, and I think they know what they're doing when it comes to games. A railgun would be worthless in Doom3, it would totally kill the suspense. The weapons should be made so that you have to save on the ammo alot, and that there aren't any "1-shot kill" weapons you can use without getting into alot of trouble later on (when you need that rocket you used on a imp earlier to kill the Caco or something like that). I hope they make it so you need atleast 85% accuracy in "Nightmare".
  8. Trikk

    Another Flashlight Topic:

    Yeah, blinding monsters with the flashlight sounds really cool. Also, I hope that they make it so that you can jump on the heads of the enemies when you're out of ammo, flattening them and earning you a gold coin. Keep the good ideas coming.
  9. Trikk

    Tenebrae Quake uses Doom 3 Tech. ?!

    I would love to see Fuhquake with Tenebrae's technology. Fuhquake + Tenebrae = <3
  10. Trikk

    Dungeon Keeper Mod :)

    I have my doubts when it comes to mods made by people called "Deathmaster" with incorrect capitalizations, and who has a clear lack of language skills. Then, when I look at your "mod page" I just see screenshots and art work from DK2. Awesome. It's a great concept (too bad you didn't come up with it) and Doom3 has everthing needed to pull it off, but I'm just not sure if you are the ones who are capable of doing it. Do you have any old work to show off? What you should do is to take small steps at a time. Make a mod for HL or Doom 2 to learn the dos and don'ts of mod making. Maybe contact some other mod developers, like the NS team. (http://www.natural-selection.org/)
  11. Trikk

    What the...!? Who's articles is most accurate?

    In early Doom3 talks, they said that it would be on Phobos, but now they've changed it to Mars. Tim Willits said that "it was just a cool name" in some interview, and that the plot is now on Mars and, later on, in Hell.
  12. Trikk

    Will you be honest?

    A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea! I'll buy it because of id.net. I usually don't buy games before playing them because they could be the suck, but id Software haven't let me down so far by releasing a bad title yet. Those and Blizzard Entertainment are the only two game developers I trust enough to buy the games without trying them out first.
  13. Trikk

    Too scary? / Non stop cutscene gore movie

    1. Don't buy the game. Seriously, if you don't want to be scared; buy HL2. The whole point with Doom3 is to scare you half to death. If you don't like horror movies, you won't like this. 2. GameArena: Will we see extended support in the Doom 3 engine for multiplayer for mods and future titles? Whole interview can be found here.