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  1. Eddie 2077

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    I gotcha. What is a lump when it comes to Doom?
  2. Eddie 2077

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    It's been a while since I've tried messing around with making Doom wads, so would UDB or Slade be easier to get into? I don't really remember which one is more user-friendly.
  3. Eddie 2077

    Best IWAD maps combined into one episode?

    The Groundhog Day of Doom episodes
  4. Eddie 2077

    Quake Remastered

    I checked and it can't be motion blur since I still get the issue with it off, unless motion blur stays on in some way regardless of the setting. I did get a temporary error code, and the game pooped itself so hard that Steam CTD'd. The unfinished DirectX11 part of the remaster performs much better, but I doubt that part will have it's own issues fixed anytime soon. EDIT: Forgot to include the error code, it only appeared once for me: EDIT 2: I figured I'd look in the console for any weird stuff and this is what I found:
  5. Eddie 2077

    Quake Remastered

    I think I have it off, but I can probably check and see if it helps.
  6. Eddie 2077

    Quake Remastered

    Does anyone else still have performance issues with the remaster? Even after a year, I'm still getting choppy framerates using the Vulkan renderer, like the fps nosedives if I look in any direction. I would assume it's an issue with Vulkan, but Quake is the only remaster on my laptop that has it this bad.
  7. It should be "restoration-suggestions", right?
  8. I'm not familiar with most of things needed for the project, so I wouldn't be of any use there, but is there a place to voice ideas and suggestions for things to include (IE, level inspiration, dialogue quips, cultural references, etc)? I have a couple Matrix-themed ideas in mind already, if there's room for them.
  9. Eddie 2077

    Quake Remastered

    Does anyone know what today's Quake update is for? There isn't a changelog for it yet, so I have no clue myself. EDIT: It was apparently to include Beyond Belief as a new addon.
  10. I'd say a grenade launcher, as it seems that almost every weapon in Doom has or will have a counterpart. Two bullet weapons, two shotguns, three energy weapons, a rocket launcher, but no grenade launcher until Doom 2016 and Eternal came out. But alternatively, replacing the pistol with something akin to Blood's flare gun would have made it more useful while being somewhat less powerful than what you'd upgrade to.
  11. Eddie 2077

    gzdoom: mouse-scrolling to switch weapons in different order?

    I think binding "Next Weapon" to "mousewheel up" and "Previous Weapon" to "mousewheel down" would probably do just that.
  12. I recently started using GZDoom more often for stuff, and I could use some fun or interesting stuff to try out. Thanks in advance! What I have at the moment is Corruption Cards, Golden Souls 1 & 2, the Isabelle Companion mod, Ultimate Simpson's Doom, Brutal Doom (v21 and Platinum 3.0), and Cheello's Voxel Doom mod (which I don't know how to get working with DoomLauncher).
  13. Eddie 2077

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    I have a question, how do you get Voxel Doom working if you use GZDoom with DoomLauncher?
  14. Eddie 2077

    Is it possible to remake Tek War in Doom?

    The real answer is to make a spiritual successor to TekWar, but replace Shatner with Gianni.
  15. Eddie 2077

    How do I install music packs in DSDA-Doom?

    With DSDA-Doom, I'm not particularly sure, but you can ask in the DSDA-Doom thread in the Speedrunning section. The people in that thread may be able to give you some answers.