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  1. I've developed an interest in modding Duke Nukem. I'm learning how to script stuff, but I'd like to know a forum in case I 100% need help.
  2. I think that Episode 2 was the best Doom episode. For me, anyways. I don't know why but I fucking love how it looks, the near-disaster vibes that it gives off are just fuckin chef's kiss-worthy. The levels are interesting, sprawling, and varied. And unlike Duke It Out in DC - which had similar sprawling levels - they're filled to the brim with the whole cast of enemies. I love the music, too. From "I Sawed the Demons" to "Demon Waltz" or whatever the hell, the music can go from "YEAH BOYYYYY" to "oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no" and just absolute panic. I also think that the Cyberdemon is the best boss enemy in Doom. Not to mention it gives me the slightest amount of nostalgia, for whatever reason.
  3. hypoactive

    Episode 2 Was the Best Doom Episode

    Idk, I loved Deimos Labs. There's just an air of... disaster. It looks okay, it's like "this wasn't much affected by demon shit." But then you start exploring the map, and it's covered with dead vines, there's flesh textures and pools of blood. That's why I like the art design of E2 so much. It feels ruined, it feels like this is what's at stake here. It really sets the tone that shit has gone to fuck. The music helps with it, it's like in Episode 1 you're in Denial and Anger, you're just thinking this is another enemy, and then you start fucking destroying shit. But Episode 2 is Bargaining and Depression where you can't believe this is happening. Your mind is stuck in a downward spiral, panicking. Then Episode 3 and 4 is just Acceptance with it and then back to A N G E R
  4. Apparently I'm banned from there too.
  5. define "hostility" cause i was expecting weird fucking fetish porn. maybe that's just me walking into random discord servers advertised on _chan.
  6. ^ tell us what you seen bro
  7. I somehow got banned without making a single post. I made an account, waited 3 fuckin weeks to get verified, and I come back and presumably I'm banned because it gives me error #1000B and I'm assuming the "b" means "banned."
  8. hypoactive

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    Okay cool so therefore out of a group of 1000 people only 5 will have even the slimmest chance of kicking the bucket. And then we gotta ask, what about the BLM protests? Why was nobody opposing that other then normal everyday average joes? Why weren't doctors saying "No chill out do this later we don't want the virus spreading?"
  9. hypoactive

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    Why are india's coronavirus numbers so low if this is such an issue? literally 0.03% in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. If anything, trust them. Not the super-authoritarian and borderline secretive country that literally almost everyone was giving shit when they tried to take hong kong.
  10. I fucking hate them so much. Like, you're not funny for making fun of yourself. I'm saying that it's bad to laugh at yourself. Like if someone makes a joke at your expense, and you find it funny, then it's good to laugh at that. But like whenever you make a joke saying something stupid like "I am the retard lmao xdxdxdxd funny laugh time" nobody's laughing. It comes off as either 1. a bad attempt to be relatable or 2. a really bad joke. I've always noticed that self-deprivation always happens shortly after someone makes a hot take. I have a theory that it's subliminally done by people, like it's instinctive as to give a cover of "humbleness" so in case people (inevitably) disagree with their hot take, they can immediately hide behind a curtain of "humbleness" to prevent people critiquing and questioning their take from seeming genuine and having a point. Or maybe I'm some salty boomer who just can't get with the times. I dunno.
  11. hypoactive

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    Idk man, ever since like... at some point science was less an uh esoteric(?) search for knowledge and for the betterment of humanity, and at some point it just became a tool for control. I think the beginning of that problem where most mainstream science was anti-actualfuckingknowledge and pro-giveusmoneyandwellsaywhathelpsyou was when tobacco countries paid off people to scientifically "prove" that tobacco smoke didn't cause cancer. With that being said, I don't have any evidence that there's an ulterior motive, but I sure as hell know that nobody here has it, regardless of the lack of care my entire community has had to corona prevention measures. Nobody practices social distancing or masks, nobody is coughing up a storm, nobody I know, and nobody they know has corona (And that's at least 1000+ people) so excuse me if i question the validity that corona is gonna end the world.
  12. hypoactive

    Coronavirus pandemic chat [no medical advice plz]

    I don't give a fuck. Nobody here's been practicing corona shit, and literally nobody here has had it. I don't know a soul IRL who got the virus, and I don't see people coughing their lungs out. If Corona is so global, it should be here en-masse. We should not be an exception, this is a semi-major city and economic center. If Corona is such a pandemic, I should have it by now or at least had it. If Corona is so dangerous, then why is the mortality rate so (relatively) low?
  13. hypoactive

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Okay this just in, I just learned that r/AgainstHateSubreddit literally posted child pornography on subreddits they consider "hateful" to get then banned by reddit.
  14. hypoactive

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

  15. hypoactive

    I fucking HATE self-depricating jokes

    it happened at random lmao yeah, i mean i say i hate it but really i agree with you more than anything
  16. hypoactive

    What is the scariest classic Doom level?

    Halls of the Damned, by and far. Everything else you guys list is just simple shock. Halls of the Damned is actually terrifying. The music is like uh... audible vertigo. You just keep going and going and going but you go nowhere. Not to mention you can't see shit and there's a bunch of things that can and will tear you apart. It's the fear of the unknown perfected in an old video game.
  17. hypoactive

    Duke Nukem 3D Or Ion Fury?

    I have a saying, if you sit on the fence comfortably, then that just means you have no balls.
  18. hypoactive

    Worst Doom Source Port?

    hey everyone, i doxxed him. he looks like this:
  19. hypoactive

    Hellbound - Painkiller, but with much more meat, metal and mutilation

    nice sigil of saturn bro
  20. by that, I mean why is the modding scene for Doom much bigger than Duke's, and why is Doom so beloved today and Duke is more like a... footnote?
  21. hypoactive

    Vietnam War Musak

    Give me good Vietnam War songs to shove in a playlist cause why not.
  22. hypoactive

    Why Aren't Nam And Redneck Rampage Mentioned?

    causue they're fucking shit SIMPLE AS.