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  1. Damon


    No, more like some idiot trying to get me into hot water. But it's obviously an imposter because I have never posted anything even remotely that stupid. In fact, I'm content that I have never posted anything stupid, period. I am not a troll, after all; simply a harbringer of change and thought. This guy is just an example of the type of people who follow me around, and how low people will go to fuel an old vendetta. Congratulations "wavejet", "Csonicgo", "KingKill33" and "netnomad312"; you will be forgotten in a few days time, and I'll continue banging my girlfriend in my new apartment.
  2. Damon

    Mulder and Skulltag

    OH I GET IT, cause like, on X-Files and stuff they have guns, like in Skulltag. BRILLIANT ::dodges thrown objects::
  3. Damon

    More Doom Movie Musings

    You know it's a good idea of Romero suggested it...
  4. Damon


    Someone other than myself should start a petition demanding that Rogue (or whoever) release the Strife source. Then someone other than myself should make a source port.
  5. Damon

    More Doom Movie Musings

    Starring Kurt Russell of course, and some dumb jamaiican as the Jar Jar Binks Imp.
  6. Damon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #173

    The monster replacement for the Demon in "Pyromaniac" was kick-ass. It's nice to see an enemy in Doom that's actually challenging; one that forces you to think and time your shots if you want to kill it. Perhaps you guys are jealous you hadn't thought of it first...
  7. Damon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #173

    "Pyromaniac" is jolly good fun!
  8. Damon

    Doom Board Game

    You sunk my Scrabbleship!!
  9. Damon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #172

    "IMO" is a term people use when they want to express their point-of-view without sounding like an asshole. It tends to say: "I have this idea but don't take my suggestion seriously" or "I'm too spineless to stand by my beliefs." Someone who wants to express conviction and surety in their suggestion would not use the term "IMO", but rather something like "It's that simple" or "That's just the way it is". In other words, it's a waste of text. Like emoticons.
  10. Damon

    Real-Time Cyb in 3057

    a. you move like a guy wearing half a ton of armor. b. the story has plenty of originality and depth. you've just been playing DOOM too long. c. you don't get the shotgun until two thirds of the way through the game, and even then the ammo isn't plentiful, which is why constant weapon swapping is required. d. slow down, switch to decaf, and i assure you: you can still beat the game with your all-important dignity. i did. e. it was as unlinear as a first person shooter like HALO needs to be. f. ...yeah, but pretty nice to look at. and still FUN FUN FUN! end of discussion.
  11. Damon

    Vicarious Visionsnterview

    Yeah, maybe you two should actually give it a try? Particularily Horde.bsp?
  12. Damon

    Doom 3 on the Radar

    I'm just comparing it to Halo, because as far as I can tell, Halo is the most recent game to use such a system-- and the best, too.
  13. Damon

    I'll See You In Court, Activision!

    First post three topics in a row. I think I've been online far too much lately.
  14. Damon

    Doom 3 on the Radar

    Yeah, and a torch isn't a weapon. I suppose it is kind of stupid to have a light source take up a weapon slot. Aren't space marines supposed to have shoulder lamps and such?
  15. Damon

    Vicarious Visionsnterview

    You can't upgrade your Xbox specs, though. Bear that in mind.