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  1. typh0id

    Ultimate DOOM Graphics-only WADs

    Ha! I love that! I'm more looking for something that also replaces the environmental textures/models but I can probably find a use for this as well! Thanks for showing it to me!
  2. typh0id

    Ultimate DOOM Graphics-only WADs

    Basically, I'm looking for a good quality WAD that overhauls everything (or nearly everything) but the levels. Something like D4V or The Simpsons. And specifically for Vanilla Ultimate DOOM so I can run it in DOS.
  3. typh0id

    Army of Darkness TC

    I was able to get it to run with BOOM, which will suffice. Thanks you for all the tips!
  4. typh0id

    Army of Darkness TC

    I guess I assumed if I used DeHacked to append the DOOM executable with the .deh manually, it would cover that. I guess not?
  5. typh0id

    Army of Darkness TC

    Does anyone know if the Army of Darkness TC works with Vanilla DOOM in DOS? I've tried both the DOOM and DOOM II versions but the game always crashes with a "numlumps" error. As an example, for DOOM II I used DeHacked to add the aoddoom2.deh file to the executable and then ran the game with "doomhack -file aoddoom2.wad".
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking for recommendations on good WADs for Ultimate DOOM that ONLY update the graphics (sounds ok but no maps). And specifically, I'm looking for ones that work with Vanilla DOOM in DOS. I have a couple up level-only WADs I'd like to combine with them. Any theme is fine. Any ideas? Thanks!