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Posts posted by Carmelo

  1. Project time: between 15 to 20 hours (in the span of one month)

    Software used: Clip Studio Paint

    Brushes: 99% dry gouache with and without color jitter

    Subject: from the videogame; Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Divine Dragon bossfight interpretation

    Observations: Mainly used as a rendering and coloring exercise, instead of using base colors applied to render in black and white in different layers and modes, I sculpted the shapes directly in a single layer for each element, using color jitter to pick up undertones, light and shadow

    Additional: speedpaint timelapse 

    updates on upcoming projects: twitter art account

    sekirofinal (2).png

  2. Played it on my own with lights off, blind, without looking for clues or other people's reactions or interpretations. Once I reached one ending, I just went to sleep, but felt sad and existencial the whole week. It would be nice to share some of the thoughts it evoked. 

  3. Most of my life I only played doom and community mods, but a few years ago I discovered the souls series. Holy shit. 

    Bloodborne is the most beautiful and artistic game I've ever played, and Sekiro has one of the most intense, engrossing and breathtaking gameplay I've experienced (I literally forget to breath during difficult fights). It is the first time I injure my hand playing something because I was gripping the controller too hard. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Simomarchi said:

    I don't know the mod, but the way to go is surely to use a lump editor such as SLADE3.

    Probably you will have to modify some code (DECORATE, Zscript or DeHacked) so be sure to look at the proper pages in the ZDoom wiki.


    I tried some stuff in SLADE3 but realized something was missing, so I'll check those other editors. I'll attach the wad in the remote case you are curious. Thank you!


  5. Greetings everyone,

    So the thing is, I want to edit a WAD called 2xwepdmg.wad. The author is Julz_D and the description says "this MOD will alter the amount of damage for ALL weapons in Doom 2, by 2x. Use this to make your weapons two times more powerfull". The WAD does what it says it does but there are a few problems. The animation and actual shot of the SSG are desynchronized, the pistol instead of doing double the damage in a single bullet, fires 2 bullets like in burst mode, etc. I'd like to polish this wad for personal use. Which editor should I use?