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  1. Hi, Laz Rojas here. I just signed up to the forum only to find the topic "Tormentor667. Care to explain why you plagiarised Epic 2?" has once again been closed, so I'm posting what I would have replied there regarding his lifting of almost the entirety of Rheingold Episode 1's first map and his current disclaimer about it. Quite a while ago, Torm emailed me privately and told me about BoA, explained it was an homage to WolfenDoom, and asked for my permission to use some of my stuff. I gave him my permission, he kept me informed about the project's progress, and I'd say he handled that situation properly and as well as I would want. His use of Rhein1 in UTNT is an entirely different matter. I wasn't even aware of it until I read the plagiarism thread two days ago after someone brought it to my attention via email. He never told me about that project or asked for my permission, and regardless of his description of what he copied as being a "snippet", it's obvious to anyone that the majority of the map and everything in it was copied right out of Rheingold and pasted into his project. In fact, I saw a video on YouTube yesterday of UTNT gameplay on that map, and if I hadn't already known that it was UTNT, I would have sworn I was watching someone playing Rheingold itself! His explanation for not crediting me in UTNT is specious at best. As I stated, he never informed me about that project nor his use of my map in it, nor did he ask for permission to use the map. I can fully understand the reasoning for not crediting me in the text file. Since the inclusion of the map was intended as an Easter egg, any mention of it would obviously spoil the secret. But there's a simple way to keep it a secret yet provide proper credit at the same time. You include a wall texture with the credit. Somewhere on the map, the player can read the credit right there and know where the map came from. If the player never finds the secret, he never sees the credit but it doesn't matter because he's not aware the secret even exists. But if he finds the Easter egg, he also finds out about the map's origin. An homage is also not effective if what it's paying tribute to is not known. Only Doomers familiar with my work and with Rheingold itself would recognize the inclusion of Rhein1 in UTNT as a tribute. Other Doomers would have no idea I actually made it years ago and be unaware of any homage. The fact that Torm never contacted me about using Rhein1 in UTNT in the first place throws cold water on his explanations and justifications now. Asking me for permission and then not crediting me would have been bad enough, but he never asked and never credited. I wish he had been as up-front about it with me as he was about BoA. Laz Rojas
  2. Laz Rojas

    Tormentor667 & Operation Rheingold

    Picture this. As B.J. Blazkowicz rounds the next corner and ducks into the shadows, catching his breath after managing to escape from yet another contingent of relentless Waffen-SS shouting "Halten sie!", he turns to see the following scrawled all over the side of the building, like graffiti: THIS MAP ORIGINALLY CREATED BY LAZ ROJAS FOR OPERATION RHEINGOLD AND IS USED WITH HIS PERMISSION Doomers familiar with WolfenDoom would say, "Yeah, I already knew that." Doomers unfamiliar would say, "Okay, that's cool to know." B.J. himself would say, "Who the hell is Laz Rojas? Crap, here come some more of those Krauts and I've only got one ammo clip left!" Something as simple as this would have properly resolved the situation and it wouldn't be an issue twelve years later. But I was unable to suggest it back then because I was never even told about the intention to use Rhein1 or asked for permission. Had permission been asked in 2008, I would have granted it, and when the issue of keeping the secret had come up, my solution then would have been the same as it is now.