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  1. kalaeth

    What ever happened to custom titles?

    (I really need to go and fix my glasses. Just read this thread's title as "what ever happened to custom titties")
  2. kalaeth

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  3. kalaeth

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    this is a child friendly site! keep your very vague references to self-gratification out of it!
  4. kalaeth

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    and brazilians, at least "kkkk" or "kek".. -- sure glad I am not facing whatever he is facing.
  5. kalaeth

    The poll of the century

    a large cup of coffee IS my breakfast. Back when, in the long gone before covid I'd always have a cup at home and then I'd take a liquid yogurt to drink on the way to work. But my favorite beverage to accompany breakfast is actually a beer. Mostly because I only drink a beer at breakfast while on a festival (hair of the dog kinda thing)
  6. kalaeth

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    some days a lot, some days nothing at all.. It depends on how much I feel like interacting with the world or just be a passive observer on that particular day. (and I used to post more when the 2 songs thread was more alive)
  7. kalaeth

    Does DOOMguy embrace his religion?

    I think he's more into powerwolf, considering the metalness of the thing, so I guess this is what he sings:
  8. kalaeth

    |Share Your Music|

    that first clip is.. interesting and funny, where did you find it? (and nice tunes, at least the first three)
  9. kalaeth

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    brain spikes! more metal than anything.
  10. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 25 Years on Earth

    time for the catch up again. MAP25 : we are in middle management now.. Exit straight ahead but something tells me I won't reach it.. Was actually expecting another fall but instead the walls open up and I'm surrounded by chaingun fodder :D Another room, more chaingun fodder.. And found the blusphere secret switch :D And then, we exit. After unloading more lead into the couple of revs. MAP26 : higher management time! Didn't even notice it was the exit until after the door closes.. Now, I don't know who designs this buildings but I'm pretty sure those crushing ceilings should not be there. I mean, people work here! Reached the end, skipped over the secret (I saw it open once but didn't find (or try that hard to find) how to open it). MAP27 : oh we left the managing workplaces behind. Good. He says before getting shred to little bits by a shit ton of hellknights.. Second attempt. Third attempt. Forth attempt : i finally realize that you can lock the doors. Fifth attempt : I wanna have a word with the crusher obsessed architect. sixth attempt : got way farther. Still died to a swarm of cacos. I'll stop counting now. Another victory for crushers. this time I saved after the crushers, so now I'm just dying to the unholy number of hellknights.. And finally, I understood how it is supposed to be done. All dead, mostly crushed :D And then it's just a look at the automap to find the path to the megasphere and.. done! MAP28 : so, I'm walking round and round and trying to understand why it is that I feel that I won't like this map.. But meanwhile I've killed more than half of the monsters and have no idea why I had a feeling I wouldn't enjoy it. Spiders dead and another bluesphere in hand. And done! not an active dislike for it but not one of my favorites, for reasons unsure. MAP29 : I've wandered around with a BFG killing everything in sight and now I'm wandering around with a plasma gun killing everything in sight.. And then I cheated out 'cause I wasn't feeling it. (idcliped the door into the switch that raises the platform for the exit) MAP30 : Let's see what this final test brings us, shall we? Uh, cool elevator. And again. And again. And now there's a invun here.. *switches back to bfg* two cyberdemons later I have both keys. Two SMMs dead and now.. oh, shoot at the wall of faces. Press the switch and off it goes! Nice final map, was kinda scared that the IoS was gonna start shooting after I pressed the switch but this way was nice :D Total time : 4h36 minutes. And that's it for my first DWMegawadClub play through. Despite being somewhat critical of some levels overall I enjoyed the megawad, and the byte-sized levels are great for this kind of project.
  11. kalaeth

    why cant i get to the things that i made

    when a mama caco and a papa caco love each other very much they... ahn. you know what? I don't think you are old enough for us to have this conversation yet.
  12. Tetsuo. Although I really like the name "skinny puppy", not so much their music xD a Crippled Black Phoenix special, help me pick between two of my favorite songs by them: Troublemaker: vs Rise Up And Fight:
  13. kalaeth

    Romero tweets that Doom is 3D.

    there's actually a 1D roguelike, called YOU_ARE_DEAD I think (yup : https://github.com/rupa/YOU_ARE_DEAD )
  14. kalaeth

    What are you listening to?

    the GF has been seeing this spanish show (The Pier) and the intro song got stuck in my head, had to go and see what it was: