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  1. kalaeth

    What are you listening to?

    (I've been on a Sigh trip for the past few working days, and every album is better than the one before!)
  2. yet another noise/lo-fi black metal thingy, for those brave enough xD https://nxpr-noise.bandcamp.com/album/and-in-those-days-people-will-seek-death-and-will-not-find-it-they-will-long-to-die-but-death-will-flee-from-them-single
  3. kalaeth

    What Are We Drinking?

    a cold beer, outside. (it's a national holiday in Portugal today, so I went out for a walk and a beer)
  4. kalaeth

    Show me the band/music merch you have!

    I have a few band t-shirts, and festival t-shirts, but I only buy them in concert. Besides that I have a few cassettes, a few cds, and that's about it. Still thinking about getting patches and doing a metal jacket but it's still only a idea at this point. (but I'll likely order them from a friend that does patches by special order, so that I can have a NekroChaparrO patch :D)
  5. kalaeth

    Webcomic apreciation thread

    since no one mentioned it, there's also the awesome Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, the (very NSFW) oglaf Besides that I also read the already mentioned XKCD, Questionable Content, Cianide and Happiness and several more (like Savage Chickens, You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack, Penny Arcade, Control Alt Del, etc etc)
  6. another NekroChaparro, https://nekrochaparro.bandcamp.com/album/azinheira-final (yes, I live but I haven't played doom in a while, too much work and Netflix)
  7. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    Ok, time to finish this! I'm halfway through the last level.. MAP 28 : holy f5ck. I'll try to weed out the AVs first and then proceed to the remaining towers.. Done! 1 death only and all! 1 death, 100% kills, 50% secrets (I knew how to reach the other invun but didn't make the jump), not sure on time, pressed enter too fast. MAP 29 : 1 death to general pinki+HK+chainguners+ whatever else was roaming that room. 2nd death to the AV + heresiach room. 3rd one on the same room. 4th to the chaingunning ressurection ring. 5th to the caged cyber in the lava room. 6th to the room with the blue key, 7th to the red door. 8th, 9th too. and then, 9 deaths, 100% kills, 98% items, 50% secrets, 30m20s after, done! MAP 30 : died twice so far, both times to falling.. Thrice. I wish the falls would kill you instantly but.. After 6 or 7 more deaths by falling from the platforming I stopped counting. Eventually I lost intrest in the level.. Too big and disconnected, I think. Got back to it, still trying to find the way through the fleshy part of the level.. Now I've lost count of deaths meaning I won't have a full account of deaths, but who cares? At the room with the cells and the pillars, press the button, kill the PEs and die to the revenants. And again, to the last standing rev! Third time I found the invun, room cleared with a megasphere to spare! Kill the AVs, new button. Oh f5ck, tons of barons, new-cacos, a couple hexen-rejects and cyberdemons... Wipe the remaining barons and... Now what? Ah, found the button. And found the castle.. And ended! too many deaths to count, 98% kills, 73% items, 40% secrets, 37m22s. Total time : 7h28m12s. This was nice, although this final level was a bit too big and confusing. And I exited without knowing I was exiting. But it's done. 17 days too late :D
  8. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    got around a few more levels today... MAP 20 : push buttons and shoot rockets : the level. 0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 07:15 MAP 21 : chill little level, nice hellish looks 0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 11:22 MAP 22 : 1 death to the cacoswarm because of doubled inputs (press left one, walk twice!) so restar game except then my computer decided to go stupid, so I can't open the command prompt.. after a few reboots and restarts, I'm back. And then I stepped into the exit too soon.. 1 death, 100% K, 66% I, 0% S, 11:32 MAP 23 : 1 death to the imp-fest with the HKs and HBs as dancers. And then I opted out of searching for the secrets. 1 death, 94K,56I,66S, 15:26 MAP 24 : 1 death to rocket to the wall. 2nd death to the top of the stairs of death. 2 deaths, 100%K/S, 90% I, 13:13 MAP 25 : 2 deaths to the cyberdemon room, and one secret not found. 2 deaths, 100K, 97I, 66S, 18:13 MAP 26 : Those were a lot of imps. And a lot of chingunners. and a lot of imps and mancubi. I left one monster alive. As a witness to report to the rest of the guys in hell that I'm on my way! 0 deaths, 99K,94I,100S, 11:38 MAP 27 : so the entire level is a prelude, foreplay if you wish, for the big fight at the end. One of the cybercows got me once, the hexen-reject got me another. 2 deaths, 100% K/I, 50% S, 13:02 TOTALS : deaths : 7(+) + 6 = 13(+) time : 05:54:34
  9. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    restarted without supercharge, I won't write again about the maps I had already played, so my new TOTAL TIME : 1h44m40s, currently at MAP12 (I haven't been counting deaths but I'm pretty sure there have been way less than the 14 I had before) MAP 13 : cool hell infested techbase, the end room in particular is awesome, as if I was jumping down the throat of a giant monster. 0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 10:21. MAP 14 : it took me a while to find out how to open the door for the YK.. And one death to the ultra slow crusher on the way to the plasma.. 1 death, 100% K/I/S, 12h48 (lost my write ups of map 15 and 31.. 15 took me way too much time to fail to open up the secret exit room, had to idclip at 30 minutes. 31 was fun but fuck platforming. No deaths in either) MAP 32 : Doomguy and the Turret of Infinite Hell Knights. Plus more plasma gun fun. 0 deaths, 100% K/S, 89% I, 15:08 MAP 16 : Holy chaingun ambush, Doomguy! Followed by AV double tag, but what got closest to kill me was the three revs, since by then I was already out of plasma and nearly out of life. 0 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 10:23 MAP 17 : One death because I forgot I wasn't at 100% health at start and so played carelessly. Then another death near the end, got distracted and then revs balls to the face. And then death to the cyberdemon. And then too much time trying to find that last secret. 3 deaths, 100% K/I/S, 26:06 MAP 18 : was expecting more from that final fight, nice short map even so. 0 deaths, 100% K/S/I, 6:02 MAP 19 : 1 death to the cave of pain(in the ass) elementals. Another to the insanely populated hell nobles room. Another to the AV in the same room. A RL lover level. 3 deaths, 100% K/S/I, 20:02 TOTALS : time - 4h12m46 deaths - 7 (+how many I had before map 09) (will keep playing the next few days since I have the week off and we are still on semi-lockdown in here)
  10. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    a bit more! MAP08 : nice little map that still managed to kill me with the spider ambush, with the easy to find kind of secrets I like. Also appreciated: the implied carnage at the start. TIME : 7:00 ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 1 MAP09 : action packed cave romp with nice outdoor arenas for rocket fun and then we meet the SMM. That's death number 1. And after that we meet the AV. That's death number 2. And then, holy fuck fire cacos! That wan't death number 3, but it could have been! TIME : 15:50 ; K/I/S: 100,96,100% ; DEATHS : 2 MAP10 : Uh, techbase! Interconnected! I'm really enjoying this leve.. is that an AV?*fries* I have very strong mixed feelings about this level. On the one hand, a level where half of it isn't used but only shown? Awesome. On the other hand.. I like to see the entire level! TIME : 7:06 (it would be shorter but I did a full lap around the accessible parts of the level to see if I had missed something) ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 1 MAP 11 : Initial reports of slaughter were not unfunded as I discovered after grabbing the megasphere. And dying. And again, although the second run was way better! Ended up finishing with a few enemies still alive, so it's : TIME : 12:57 ; K/I/S : 98/100/100% ; DEATHS : 2 MAP 12 : I feel like I have a mandatory death by chaingun ambush in every playthrough and since this was the last level I'd play today, I had to die to chaingun ambush. Nice jungle/temple map, a short breather after last level's full on assault. TIME : 6:53 ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 1 TOTAL TIME : 1:50:36 ; TOTAL DEATHS : 14
  11. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    so far it's been working, but I might replay it without supercharge later. I thought it was just the two extra monsters, but if it's not, well, I'll think about it :D
  12. kalaeth

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    I'll play a bit, but no lengthy texts, jut pure stats and a short description for now! HNTR, continuous and with supercharge. MAP01 : fun little pistol rampage level! There's a SSG, a chaingun and a (secret) plasma gun as well, but the pistol is enough. There's also a chainsaw that I couldn't reach, despite having all the secrets. TIME : 4:30 ; K/S/I : 100% ; DEATHS : 0 MAP02 : aggressive switch hunt, couldn't find how to enter the final secret (and couldn't kill that one caco hidden there). TIME : 12:16 (half of these trying to open up the final secret) ; K/I/S/ : 98,100,66% ; DEATHS : 0 MAP03 : Fast paced carnage, died once to distraction and the other time to a chaingunner ambush. TIME : 8:31 ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 2 MAP04 : Cute trap room map, died once to the chaingunner ambush. TIME : 3:39 ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 1 MAP05 : Nice onion-themed outside ('cause it has layers, got it?), cool interior and fun mini-slaughter secret! TIME : 13:27 ; K/I/S : 100% ; DEATHS : 0 MAP06 : short, action-packed, rockets! Fun map. TIME : 3:57 ; K/I/S : 100/95/100% ; DEATHS : 0 MAP07 : (ok, that intermission text made me laugh) This very ambush-y level cost me 5 lives! And I couldn't figure how to access the second secret (and probably trigger the spider?) TIME : 14:24 (again, most of it spent looking for that second secret) ; K/I/S : 99/95/50% ; DEATHS : 5 enough for today, that's 1:00:47, 7 deaths.
  13. ok, let's end this! MAP 20 : holy f5ck so many zombiemen! First death : out of rockets, out of plasma, rev ball to the face. Second death : cleared most zombiemen with the chaingun, swapped to rockets but rev balls to the face. Third death : cleared the zombiemen, but one of the hidden revs got me after 128 kills. After two more deaths to the hidden revs I got a foothold but eventually die to the circular area. Seventh go I decide to take another tunnel, and I reached a megasphere. Deep breath, save, open door. Kill everything, grab the red key. Fall down, kill more... Survive! 244 kills, about halfway there. Survived the invun circle, and then died to pinkies. On the 8th try of the level, I discovered my love for this SSG and got rid of all the pinkies, grabbed the yellow key and now.. I'm down to chainsaw and rockets. I've got all 2 secrets, so I can jump down and wreck havoc. Tons of rockets fired after, I'm ready to move. Survived the imp-ambush, grabbed the blue key and that seems to be it! So, 7 deaths, 100% K/S/I/, 13m33s. Map 21 : Imps! imps everywhere. Then the small tunnel with the pinkies, and after that a caged AV. And then I die to a rocket trooper I saw too late to dodge. Second go, the ville got a shot on me and eventually I shot a wall. With a rocket. While standing next to it. Third time is the charm? Nop, different rocket trooper, same fate. This time I'm doing better. Way better, even got the blue key! Pressed a hidden switch but don't know what it did, and I can't reach the soulsphere yet.. Hum, a bunch of wall humping did it. Blue door and I'm in the caves, survived the AV ambush, but died to the flame buy after falling down. Twice. 6th, all good until I shot myself after the AV and his friends showed up. Seven! AV dead, button pressed, dark imps dead, YK in hand, and now to the yellow door. And dead after the 'port. 8th try. Not too bad but still, death. 9th, I said fuck it, let them come to me and found a place to rest. Pressed 2 switches and then the teleporting cacos from hell got me. 10th try, got the cacos, but then mancs got me. 11th were the revs. 12th, a single rocket dude. 13th! went a bit further but eventually died. 14th, another death to random trooper. 15, 16, 17, 18! Went back instead of forward, got rid of the mancs and revs. Out of rockets but grabbed the plasma gun! And then died to an AV. 19th was the same. 20th death I went for the cyber rocket to the face instead, for a little change. 21st death to the AV once more. Off to lunch now. 22 run, AV dead, I'm out of rockets, nearly shellless and the cyber is roaming. So I'm over here, hugging a corner he is too fat to pass through and SSGin his ass. Repeatedly. This gets me kill 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. 27th I finally do the dodge dance good enough to kill him, kaboom he goes. And then I die to a chaingunner+rocket dude combo. Death 28 comes as I retry the dodge-dance, but after that one I do i successfully and without suffering any damage! Entering the hitscanner paradise corridors I eventually die, twice. So it's 30 deaths so far. Found a secret! And another! And then I die to the combined swarm of pinkies and rockets dudes. And after that, death 32, was autoaim f5cking with me and hitting two rockets, one in each wall, while I was trying to shoot straight ahead. Dammit. Ok, rocket dudes and pinkies dead, into the 'port I go! Kill the final cacos, imp and rev, and.. finally! 32 deaths, 100%K/S/I, 28m49secs. Map 22 : the jungle is full of zombiemen! I shoot and walk and shoot and walk and then enter a cave that leads me to a grave with a backpack and a SSG, and at that point I return, press a button, get stuck in a wall and die. In flames. So back to the start. This time, as I reach the grave the manc is already dead. So back up, press button to open the bridge, and down we go again. Bridge went fine this time, so I'm at full health when I open the door. What follows after can only be described as "run and gun" as I walk around the corridors shooting everything and then some. Somehow I reach a big window still alive and decide to backtrack a bit for health, I'm down to 38%.. Back to 100% I found a lift and bravely jump into it, a slow descend into a secret! Giving thanks for the rocket launcher I go back up, and then finally outside, only to discover that I require 3 keys..No such key appears to exist outside and eventually I fall into a 'port and find myself on a dark room, where I die again. Third go, from the secret lift. Knowing outside to be useless for now, I go in the opposite direction, into a room with 4 giant vats and 2 mancubi. Presing a switch takes me to the red key, 2 more keys to find. And since there is a red door here... A room filled with rocket dudes plus extras, removes a big chunk of my health but I survived, giving me a plasma gun and a soulsphere. I noticed a red door back outside on my backtracking so I go there. Dark imps and plasma dudes, all fall to the might of the chaingun, revenants and lost souls as well. By the time I reach the big room with cacos I'm out of bullets and spitting plasma. Grabbing the blue key and chaingunning some more I go back, two keys down, one to go and now it must be the teleport way. I do find the key but I ended up dead to reav rockets, revs I can't reach but sure as hell can reach me. Fourth going I get to kill the revs, shotgun style, arm the plasma and jump into the port, yellow key already in hand. Plasma is the way to go and battered but alive I escape, press the final switch and run towards the exit, crowned in glory and blood. Lot's of blood. 3 deaths, 26m27s, 100% everything. A total 5 hours 50 minutes and 20 seconds of running time later, Rudy has powertripped to hell and back! Since the game warped me back to level 1 I'll keep the save to revisit the first levels with the full arsenal :D All in all, a really fun, challenging but not frustratingly so wad that I am glad I got to replay thanks to the DWMC! (still unsure if I'll play this months offering but if I do with will be at another date, another time)
  14. Hum.. Obsolete ritual. Something stupid : Something new (it took me a while to enjoy this song but I actually quite like it now):
  15. once more, MAP 15 : A pair of imps are expecting me with their backs turned. Which sounds like a bad idea for them and I show them just why. Then I kill a pair of mancs which lifts some product placement bars, all that before jumping down, moping up the imps, go grab the backpack, deal with the pinkies, use the urinol, grab the soulsphere, and then back to start, up some stair and down some lift, and I'm outside. As usual I take a tour of the jungle while killing everything before doing anything. Inside the waterfall there's a line of enemies waiting for a chance to buy a coke that I can't reach but assume I'll meet again. So I just press the evil looking skull in the middle of the woods, nothing bad will come out of this! Flame caco down, I enter the punchzone! Where I punch everything to bits. Then shoot at the evil eye, kill the rev, and then go down to kill the two AVs but end up.. up in flames. Second go, from the flame caco.. Second death to the rev, Third death to the AVs. Fourth try, AVs dead, barons dead, now to climb, megasphere, blue key, cross the jungle, press the blue switch, enter the teleport! And I'm on a small wooden space, and of course all around me are enemies as soon as the wood disappears. After removing them all, I climb some stairs to a cyber cow. Not killing him I go past to grab the red key, then I press the red switch that not only releases the cow it also summons at least one AV, several cacos and barons.. Still, they don't call me a murder machine without reason. I garb the yellow key, and I could port away but I want to grab that secrets... Now, there's a hole in the wall.. Done. 2 more secrets to go. One will be the vending machine one.. And the other one is the blue armor that can only be caught at the start (I cheated because I didn't want to restart the level, sorry), so it's back outside, into the cave and.. Oh, wall isn't here! enter, kill kill kill, grab soulsphere and go to the exit! 27m15s, 3 deaths, 100% all (or 66% secrets if you don't want to count the one I didn't grab at start and so had to use fly to trigger) MAP 16 : Uuh, techbase! I actually really like these "no one is here" starts. And then enemies start popping up, slowly, we reach the E1M3 homage area. And after grabbing the YK I obviously go check out outside instead of opening the yellow door. And then yes, yellow door. And outside again, from the other side. Press the switch, grab the key, enter the red door, walk around, kill kill kill, walk around, kill kill, find a secret! back pack and auto map, yey! Which leads to more secrets! Which leads to the game freezing! So back to the red key.. Back to the secrets and now to move forward! Another homage! I bet this is why the club decided to play a french set after, they kept writing and thinking "homage" which sounds french enough. Oh, another secret after the AV+blue key. And now, a maze... And I'm really tired of this maze, 20 minutes into it so I'll just go dine instead. Back from dinner (the next day), I've found the exit but I'm missing a couple secrets... Whatever, 100% kills, 96% items, 66% secrets, 28 minutes 25 seconds. MAP 17 : hot start! 1st death by rev balls in the start room. Second run I got rid of the revs with the BFG and then advanced plasma in hand, got the blue key, opened the blue door and.. splattered by a rev ball. Third run, from after getting the blue key is going well. At 200% health and one secret discovered. And then death after the blue door. No better luck on the following try. Or the one after. Finally, on my sixth try I infiltrated the room with the yellow key, and ended up blasting myself with a rocket due to teleporting caco on the next room. Seventh went well until after I pressed the switch and again, rev ball to the face. Eight I survived the batch of revs, grabbed the YK, killed the archies, went to pick the missing secret, all ammo and armor and health, killed a couple revs from the door and, after saving, jumped downm killed everything and done! 7 deaths, 100% K/S, 96% items, 14m09s MAP 18 : a pair of cacos and a manc right at the start tell us the level wont really be easier, but I was dealing well with it... until I got surrounded, flamebois in the back, plasmabois by the front and nowhere to run. Second run is going well, killed one AV already, two, a pair of cacos also, and then I got doube-teamed by a flame and a toxic caco. Oh nice, on my third try it was two toxic cacos that got me. On my fourth I went at it one caco at a time and then died to sudden mancubus flame to the face. Fifth, again the cacos. Six is the magic number! Switch flipped, got to the exit but blew myself on the wall... Seven is a prettier number anyway. Exit found, all enemies killed. However I'm pitifully low on health and one secret short... But I can't reach it, so it's 6 deaths, 100% K/S, 0% secrets, 14m09s MAP 19, but only after a cigarette. Ok, things teleporting away and a free soulsphere? This doesn't sound good. A secret blue armor and tons of rockets after, I'm ready. I actually survived the horde of revenants, but the mancubi got me. Second round is going better. Revs and spiders cleared, now to shower the mancubi with love. And by love I mean rockets. Tons of them. Everyone down, time to go up. Press switch, kill mancs. Press switch, nearly die to spiders due to lack of rockets but survive. Press switch, grab yellow key, press switch, kill all but the cyber, die to rocket to the face. Third go, from the spiders ended up in cyber rockets again. Fourth go, from the spiders. Woot, copious amounts of BFG cleared the cyber and AVs and revs and.. DONE! Not too terrible, 3 deaths, 100% K/S/I in 6m20s. I'll leave MAP20 for later, it's dinner time.