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  1. I'm trying to find the final version of the Doom Center wad. I have an older version I use Brother in Arms, and Doomkrakkens monster randomizer on for wars. I saw a few YouTube videos that show Doom Center or possibly a Doom Center 2 that seems to have more content than my version. I think mine is outdated. Also, the only newer versions I found were for Skulltag or Zandronum. I'm using GZDoom version 4.0 I think. Skulltag and Zandronum always have missing textures or characters and the wad won't load. Any links for a GZDoom version of Doom Center? I heard there's a newer version with police that chase you around the city.

  2. What's the deal with a wad called 1993? I've played it and it was pretty atmospheric and creepy, but I doubt it can be legitimately beaten because Romero's head never spawns on level 30. I can't find any information about it online except for a few YouTube playthroughs. I especially love the rotten baby's head referred to as "Fake thing". Is there any other horror wads that have this enemy? Possibly a monster randomizer? Or maybe someone remade this wad like they did with the zombie one? It would be an excellent wad if it had more weapons and enemies. Or is that the point? You're not supposed to beat it? It would explain why you only get a knife and the keycards spell out the word "DIE".