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  1. NiiroKitsune


    I will play this... eventually
  2. NiiroKitsune

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    Here's a condensed version of the remaining 159 runs yet to be beaten accurate up to this post: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19IBiKx4u-7ibXPY3a7ItGZQcNq1bzWt5v3rY8H8OCu4/edit?usp=sharing Edit: I'll probably keep this as current as I can for the remainder of the month
  3. NiiroKitsune

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    32hnpain Map32 UV-Max 3:28 32h32-328.zip
  4. NiiroKitsune

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    32hnpain Map22 UV-Max 2:24 32h22-224.zip
  5. NiiroKitsune

    32 Hours In Pain demos [-complevel 4]

    Uhh... hi 32 UV-Speed demos for 32 Hours in Pain :) 32h01-30.zip 32h02-38.zip 32h03-134.zip 32h04-129.zip 32h05-138.zip 32h06-124.zip 32h07-136.zip 32h08-206.zip 32h09-137.zip 32h10-208.zip 32h11-126.zip 32h12-46.zip 32h13-157.zip 32h14-136.zip 32h15-26.zip 32h16-0.zip 32h17-153.zip 32h18-0.zip 32h19-54.zip 32h20-109.zip 32h21-148.zip 32h22-137.zip 32h23-220.zip 32h24-58.zip 32h25-21.zip 32h26-118.zip 32h27-40.zip 32h28-27.zip 32h29-33.zip 32h30-37.zip 32h31-115.zip 32h32-43.zip EDIT: all runs were on Eternity v4.01.00