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  1. Chip

    What is a Devilution?

    What is a Plutonia?
  2. My post is trending on Reddit! Yay!

  3. A cat determined to destroy the earth by snuggle wuggling it till it dies of a wuv overdose. CATS ARE SO CUTE
  4. shitpost

    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      *shitpost word or phrase*

  5. This comic was made by rearranging the storyboard for DOOM 4 1.0 and making a comic around it. I don't actually plan on continuing this strip, this was only made for fun. if you want, recommend some more Storyboards to me so I can make them into a comic strip!
  6. Chip

    Rip and Tear pack on Switch not working

    I don't own a Switch, but is your game updated completely? have you checked to make sure it wasn't added? You might just have to reboot up your system.
  7. I'm going to high school this year! The only reference I have for High School are those children's movies I watched when I was 5. I hope I'm prepared to break out into song and dance at any given moment. 

  8. Chip

    Thoughts? [on animation]

    Oh. I meant to tell a moderator about it and they could move the topic over. you don't have to repost the thread. You don't have to double post. it can be seen as spamming. hit the + multipost button next to the "Quote" button and respond to all the posts you want to in one post, instead of 2. it can be seen as spamming. I think KWC meant to send you the page so you could post other sprites you've made, not this one. Now, this topic can be seen as unnecessary. I recommend reading this post I made explaining how to post on Doomworld. Spamming is a subsection there. I also recommend reading the rest of it since you're new. Wikipedia Page about the Ku Klux Klan Origins. They used to be an asshole violent militia around the wild west era. certainly would have existed in the wild west due to manifest destiny to expand America's democracy. Back then they were usually just a dangerous militia full of Confederate Douchebags, nowadays they aren't as violent but still as much assholes.
  9. Chip

    Thoughts? [on animation]

    it looks pretty good. I feel like you should provide more animations instead of just the head explosion. maybe the whole death animation. I also feel like this should go in Doom Editing. pretty cool, though.
  10. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  11. Edit: Nevermind. I agree with Noob.
  12. I don't map, but I have a suggestion to recreate Doom 64 from memory next if you weren't planning on it already. it'd be pretty cool to see what people came up with.
  13. Chip

    Annual Kama Sutra 2 begging thread

    Kama Sutra: The begging episode.
  14. Chip

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    For some reason I imagine all the imps singing Longest Time by Billy Joel.
  15. Done for the day with the project I'm working on! Here's an archvile I made!