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  1. you were an interesting member around here. hope you are doing well!

  2. Really loving the new Add-on release! Thank you to Sponge and the team at Id for continuing to work on the Unity Port. In my own headcanon, I've accepted that REKKR and Harmony are now in a shared universe (Revae and TVDV collab when!?!). I can't edit the Doomwiki, due to my only skills consisting of eating and resting. Maybe somebody who's better at Wiki editing could do this. I think all the custom enemies and weapons from the official add-ons should have their own Wiki pages. It makes the WADs these custom items came from feel more official, in my opinion. The custom weapons/enemies from HacX have their own individual pages, and the weapons/enemies from Chex Quest have pages dedicated to both their weapons and enemies. If I'm asking too much, maybe just changing some of the descriptions of weapons/enemies would help. I wasn't sure which weapons were which on the Harmony page. Love to see the activity going on in the community!
  3. Chip

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    I do want to mention that this years Cacowards did include many Vanilla-compatible Megawads as both winners and runner ups, including Bourgeois. I know Sponge has been focused on the Quake remaster recently (Which great job with, by the way), though I believe after seeing the many many Vanilla winners this year, there is no need to abandon WAD adding to the Unity Port. I haven't personally looked into many of these WADs, though I'm sure at least 1 should pose no difficulty in being added to Unity. The list includes: Cydonia Doom 2 in Spain Only URE2020 Arrival Down the Drain (Which I'm pretty sure is not licenced, though I honestly didn't look into it all that much) Deadly Standards 3 1000 lines community project 3 Auger;Zenith The Long Trek Back Home Uprising Zone 400 Tetraptykon Ray Mohawk 2 and of course, Bourgeois Megawad That's a lot of content! I hope one of these gets added! Great stuff coming out that's vanilla compatible, and hopefully after seeing how many winners had vanilla WADs this year, it will inspire others to try at it and end up winning Cacowards of their own. That's all I wanted to ramble about.
  4. Chip

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    do you think you really need 2 years to do this? I don't imagine it taking longer than a year.
  5. Sorry for Double posting, just a reminder that the Book has been updated to its final version! Thank you to Revenant100 for your work, and everybody else for reading this! You're the best!
  6. @Revenant100 thank you SO SO MUCH! In a bit I will edit the OP with version 1.2 of the graphic Novel with the updated graphics. I will also change the introduction of the comic to something different, since it currently credits u/fuckinwaluigi, but it seems this guy found it. Thank you so much!
  7. I get the copyright law, so if ID or Beth had an issue with it, I will take it down. I don't imagine them getting that mad at me for using the comic since it was just something they seemed to just throw together as a treat for iPhone users. If they don't ask me to pull it down, I'll continue to leave it up.
  8. what do you mean? is it legal? I had a copyright notice. The DOOM Comic and The Green Pile are from Doomworld, so I don't imagine it's illegal for me to just copy and paste that info. The DOOM 2 RPG Comic may be different, but considering that it is near impossible to find it anywhere else, and that it was not the major selling point for the mobile game, ID probably wouldn't care. If they asked me to take it down, I would.
  9. Chip

    Quake Remastered

    In the final or second to last level of episode 2 of Scourge of Armagon, I fell into a pool of lava with an invulnerability (the one found when you open that bridge and walk behind that skull picture. it is on top of a star). in the pool, if you go all the way to the beginning, a secret door opens up with an 100 health box. when you enter, the screen says something akin to The Levelmaster doesn't want you here! I heard about those being in the game, but I never thought I would find it. That was pretty cool! So far no glitches I've found on PS4, though I haven't been looking. I also have to say that the monsters in this game are adorable. besides the zombies and ogres, all enemies look like something out of a cartoon if they were cleaned up and there was no blood on them. The cutest are the Gremlins, Vores, and Shamblers. Somebody HAS to make a Mod for Quake with friendly shamblers, and they need to add it to the port. Maybe they could replace its attack with it throwing a bunch of rubber duckies at you, or a bunch of chocolate.
  10. Should somebody else make a new thread to continue this project?
  11. It's in the order from the post by u/fuckinwaluigi. I was pretty sure it was in order. I'll check again. Edit: That's so funny. I think we're both correct. This is the original order from the post by that user, but I don't believe he put it in the right order. I always thought it was a bit choppy. Sadly, this is the only way to access the comic. If somebody could help me sort out the panels, that would be very helpful. Just PM me here on the forums and we'll discuss it. I'll post an updated version of this graphic novel based on others suggestions. So, if you see something else you think I should change, tell me here in the comments. I want to make this perfect for everybody.
  12. Hello my favorite sadomasochists, it is me, Chip! It is no news that I am OBSESSED with the DOOM comic. Just look at my custom title! I love comic books, and when I heard that there was an official DOOM Comic, I was 100% in. When I finished it, I said to myself, "I NEED MORE OF THAT!" I searched high and low for more DOOM Comics, and when I was just about to give up, I found the DOOM 2 RPG Comic. After finishing with my official DOOM Comic search, I went on to find fan comics, and boy, did I find a good one! The Green Pile was a hysterical webcomic that used to be hosted right here on the Doomworld Forums! There is so much DOOM Comic information out there, and yet so few actual DOOM Comics. So, while waiting for a day when there is another DOOM Comic, I decided to compile all existing DOOM Comics and make a graphic novel out of them! This Collection includes- The 1996 One-Shot DOOM Comic The DOOM 2 RPG One-Shot Digital Comic All 13 "Episodes" of The Green Pile Plus: 3 write-ups about each comic series by yours truly Cyb's introduction from "The DOOM Comic Revealed (Again)" from 10 Years of DOOM A few picture Extras. Ultra High Def. 8k Cyberdemon guts! So Get Rippin' and Tearin' in this FREE 80 page E-Graphic Novel, now! ~Download Link~
  13. He kinda looks like Kurt Cobain.
  14. Chip

    Quake and Doom goofy?

    I never realized Scrags have eyes. Ogres I just forgot about for a second. Not too sure why they have eyes. Maybe in their realm, they are known as kind of morons, so they keep them outside in the light to act as protection.
  15. Chip

    Quake and Doom goofy?

    It's because the enemies that have eyes are zombified creatures, they aren't actually from that dimension. In the Quake Champions game, there is a character named Visor. Like their name suggests, they wear a visor over their face. it is revealed in the tie-in comic that Visor's eyes have been removed. Visor has the best sight in the game despite this. he can make out shapes with his super intellect, and even see through walls. The earth of the Vores, Shamblers, Fiends, etc. is too dark for eyes to be purposeful. instead they have this sort of super sight that allows them to make out shapes without actually seeing it.