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  1. hey, does anybody have $1,000,000 to spare? image.png.6eaf122c1b6127a961aac75b18a4a7ac.png

    Seriously? Even if you have $1,000,000, why would want to get 24,400 random films? I've seen like 200 films, and I don't think I have it in me to watch 24,200 more. I think that it is so you could sell each individually, which would probably come out to $5,000,000 (maybe), but still, cmon! Who would have the time to sell each film? Also, who watches disks anymore? Blockbuster went out of business 10 years ago, and all the others went out 20 years ago. Maybe if a huge company like Walmart bought them, it would make sense, but this is insane. 

    The average household in america costs $177,000, I believe. Imagine paying the price of 5 and a half homes for some DVDs! With my allowance from my parents, I would need to work for 1000 more years until I could afford this. Netflix has a bigger library, and that's only 10 bucks a month! LoL

    the whole thing is hysterical. I hope whoever buys it can afford it. one of the funniest things I've seen on eBay. On top of it, I was searching up the Doom zine from Scuba Steve on there to see if I could find a copy. Instead, this was one of the first suggestions!