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  1. Doomguy recently saw a video on youtube on how hotdogs are made and he has gone total vegan. Despite hell opening a portal to Earth and killing all in their path, Doomguy has been raising awareness for a rare disease affecting 1 in every 700,000 pangolins found in southeast Asia. Doomguy now only owns designer brand shoes to stay on fleek and doesn't wear a helmet in protest of people hiding behind masks. He has taken a vow to never harm demons again since he doesn't know their background. How else does Millennial Doomguy contribute to society? What books does he read? What shows does he watch? what other causes does he raise awareness for? is he like totes fashionable? are any demons Millennials? if so, how do they show off their age?
  2. I'm going to take a short break on Doomworld. I'll talk to y'all again soon! :D

  3. I see what you mean, and I mostly agree, but as @roadworx said above, there would be a bunch of hot-take threads that would pop up randomly and after a while, it would drive everybody insane. I think that this thread should stay up just as some sort of dump of rants just so it won't make Doomworld just another form of doomscrolling social media. I've always wished that there was an unfollow thread option on Doomworld. Something where you could just ignore responses to threads. because even if you aren't following a thread, it's possible that somebody you follow comments on it and it shows up in your notifications. So in the end, I agree that this thread has become Post Hell worthy, but I'd personally rather have it here than see a bunch of threads pop up that rant on things you would see on Twitter or Facebook.
  4. SOONG IIS GOOOD. OKKAY!! YOOU LIISTEN NOOW!94894747_Screenshot2021-05-167_50_57PM.png.a147f59b77085da9fdae353c6b86636c.png

  5. Chip

    PLUTONIA 4 Released! (April Fools Megawad)

    @Teo Slayer you have to stop resurrecting so many old threads. If you see a thread that tells you it's been dormant for at least 3 months or 2 years, consider what it is you're writing. it's for your own benefit. If you continue to bump threads like this one, you'll get warned or suspended by a mod. Unless something like this post warrants a bump like it's been added to Id Games or there is a major update in the release or somebody has a game-breaking bug that goes unreported that should really be addressed, otherwise keep your posts to yourself, or there could be consequences.
  6. Chip

    Tales from Doom

    I started playing DOOM all the way back in 2019. I remember that when I first started playing, I was awful at DOOM, and was genuinely scared of the levels. I thought that there was going to be a bunch of pop scares in the game and it would turn into a horror experience. I was lucky enough not to ever feel too scared, but man! I remember almost crying trying to take out the cyberdemon. Now I'm like "Really, only 1 cyberdemon?"
  7. Chip

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I just got the Coronavirus for the past 10 days. I've been mostly resting since it hit me hard. thankfully, my quarantine is over and I feel 99% better! I still don't have my smell and taste back completely, which sucks, but my family got it and it came back to them in less than a week after their quarantine.
  8. Finally, I found out another thing about Doomworld which has been bugging me forever. Sometimes, especially seeing posts by Xaser, I see people quote something somebody said from another thread. It's taken me months to figure out how it's done, and the answer made me laugh. Here is my first post ever on Doomworld, which is definitely not from this thread. I was able to quote this through the multi-quote feature. Usually, when using this function, I use it to just quote several posts on that same topic, and when hitting the multi-quote, I get a little box that says "Quote _ Posts" Now, if I open up another thread while still having the posts selected, I can hit the button that says "Quote _ Posts" in that other thread, and now I have successfully quoted a post not from this thread. Pretty amazing and surprising that it took me this long to figure it out!
  9. Hello everybody! I have been on the Doomworld forums for a year, and I am learning more about it each and every day! I thought I would dedicate a thread to it to discuss it with other forum members in case they didn't know about this stuff or they have something they themselves want to share. There is a lot to get to, so I'll just start right away. 1. it is possible to change the color of Doomworld. you can change it from its normal comfy blue to a bright white. you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of your screen and clicking "Theme" located next to the privacy policy. It is usually set to default. you can choose the wide effect, though I am not sure if that works entirely, or if it is for a tablet or phone. you can also change it to plain white, resulting in your forums getting dressed up in an incredibly unappealing bright white 2. There are picture settings. after uploading a picture, you have the option to change its size, its placement in the post, and adding a link to it/naming it. it's not that hard to find, but it's kind of cool. 3. Access to the leaderboard. This one I found out from a post by Linguica in one of my threads. You can check out who has had the most reputation points on a certain day/week/month/year. Usually, it's between Doomkid, Biodegradable, Seed (when he was on the forums), Gez, RD, or Linguica in the top four. this month Lee Jackson took second place next to the usual Doomkid, Biodegradable, and Gez. You can check out who has the most Status Updates as well (Darknation, though he's banned, so Remilia Scarlet) Here is a link to the leaderboard Here's a little bonus! if you type https://www.doomworld.com/profile/[your profile number]-[your profile name]/reputation/ (replacing the brackets with those things) into your search bar, you can check out your reputation, and how many reputation points you've received while being on Doomworld. 4. There is already so much! this one you might already know! If you go onto Fraggles profile page, you will notice there is an extra subpage next to Activity and About Me. This is the "Teams" page. You can see that he is part of a team called the Chocolatiers (for the Chocolate DOOM team members). This team is private, so no seeing inside the community. But, if you click the name on the top, you'll be brought to a new page informing you that you cannot enter the team since it is private. Scroll down from here to where you see the "Theme" dropdown and "Privacy Policy" again. To the left, there is some sort of directory. It should go "Home > Teams > Chocolatiers > Members" all of those being links. If you click the "Teams" tab, it will bring you to an entirely new page with a team directory. only the Chocolatiers exist on the directory, although many more actually exist. Then, to the right, you have the option to start a team. I started one once, and it did not go over well. Don't make your team open to the public to view whenever because the Moderators will automatically block it. If you need to make a team, it should be private, since those ones in the past have been able to continue. 5. Deleting posts. On Doomworld it's impossible to delete posts, almost. If you want to take back what you said or delete an unpopular topic, then you just need to hit the report button and explain to the moderators that you no longer want the post. still, only do this once in a while, since the mods have to review your posts, so if you report a thousand posts, it's going to get annoying for them. So those are just some of the cool Doomworld features I'm sure some of you didn't know. if there are any more I didn't think of or know of, please post about them in the comments.
  10. Sais tu, Acadie j'ai le mal do pays
    Ta neige, Acadie, fait des larmes au soleil
    J'arrive Acadie, teedle um, teedle um, teedle oo

  11. Chip

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    I base it more on what I've read from them in the past. Sometimes like for @Marn I read their posts kind of jokingly, while for others, like @Edward850 I read it more seriously sometimes with a bit of sarcasm. For new members, I sometimes use their names and picture to read their posts. Like for example, the OP themselves when first starting out here I read in this stoner voice, just based on their name and their silly profile picture. I now base their posts on what they've written in the past.
  12. You know what, I just realized that the wording of my question was confusing. I already was aware that you can't just place source ports inside source ports, I meant adding the capabilities from source ports, such as conveyor belts from BOOM or security cameras from ZDoom. Thank you still for your response, since it was still very helpful! :D
  13. Well, I should finally be getting around to playing the Batman Arkham games now, but my WiFi decided to be a dick to me and turned off while I was downloading. I have super slow WiFi, so I won't get around to playing the game until tomorrow. I have also been replaying REKKR for DOOM on PS4 just for fun.
  14. Chip

    Most Favorite And Least Favorite band

    Most Favorite: Grateful Dead Least favorite: I would get killed on these forums if I revealed who my least favorite band was.
  15. Sounds like poetry. Thirsty in the fireblu night.
  16. Chip

    What do you think about the Pinkies?

    I'm scared they might rip my fraggin' head off.
  17. Chip

    You Make Kamen Rider For Doom 2!!??

    Um, sure. whatever you say.
  18. @Gez and @Edward850 thank you both! You learn new things every day! My first question about the Mods should probably go out to @sponge since he's the only one who would probably have any information on that.
  19. Chip

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    Usually, Essel or Xaser posts something that gives us a new screenshot. Looking back on the thread, the most info given was from the OP. the rest is mostly forum members talking about it. If there are any updates, the team will tell us on their own. I'd give it some time. The projects still in the works, which I think is more of a positive than a negative. it shows you that this project is going to be AMAZING and clearly time and effort was put into it, rather than People rushing to give the audience what they want! I think the new slogan the BTSX team runs with should be, "we're the opposite of CD Projekt!" or something close to that.
  20. 1700 posts. Surprised they haven't started calling me forum spammer yet. 

  21. Chip

    TimeSplitters is Coming Back Lads

    I really hope this comes to PS4 when it releases. If it's PS5 and/or PC, I might not be able to play it for a while. Still no plan for release, though, right?
  22. Chip

    React to the Username above you

    does this mean that there existed 6045 Gustavo's before you?
  23. I have a couple of questions that I've had on my mind for a while that I really would like to know the answer to. The first question concerns adding Mods to the Unity port. as far as I know, on the PC version of the port, you are able to load 1 DeHackEd Mod at a time, and I'm not sure if every mod works with every Add-on. So, is it possible that a future add-on could be a mod like Doom 4 Vanilla or Smooth Weapons? Or is it likely that console players will only be able to play WADs? The second question and 3 questions go together. My questions are about source ports (or at least their capabilities on the port). The first of the 2 questions is if this is possible to add a Source Port to the Unity Port? for example adding the silent teleporters from BOOM to the port, or adding BOOM itself. Now I know ID wants to keep the port vanilla, but I was just wondering that if they ever wanted to give the players the option of adding BOOM or GZDoom compatible WADs, it's possible for them to add those source ports to the port? They added DeHackEd support, which isn't a source port, and neither is it as complicated as those source ports, but I would still imagine it's at the very least possible to add the source ports to the engine. The third question has to do with licensing. If my second question is true, then how would the licensing for the ports work? Would ID have to search for all the owners of the port as they do with the WAD (which would be impossible for most ports, since almost all ports I know of deriving from BOOM in some way, which was made by TeamTNT which everybody knows has uncontactable authors) or could they just add the feature from the port or several features from it. I don't know if Tree, who created DeHackEd, is still contactable, so I'm not sure how Id added DeHackEd to the game (unless they did contact him). I don't know if either of these is possible, but I saw some conversation on the Forums about it, and I'm unsure if it was just simply a misunderstanding of the post from my end or actually what I thought it meant. Please, if anybody could respond with any information about any or all of my 3 questions, that would be great! Thank you in advance for the help!
  24. Chip

    Which is consensually the best wad?

    Just posted this the other day. read it to find the answer you're looking for. Edit: I also don't know if this is on the list, but here is a thread that's pretty easy to find on the forums.
  25. Chip

    id software office plan 92-92

    @OpenRift my post was meant more as a joke, but I guess this teaches me that in the future I should read beyond the pictures in books. lol