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  1. for my 700th post, I went crazy and wrote a short story here. I hope you enjoy it, it took an hour to write! 


  2. Eric regained his confidence with the unexpected death of his father, claiming the throne as his own. His workers and slave's gained weariness and grew haggard with the work weighing down their shoulders. But, nobody ever dared to give King Eric their mind, as he ordered anybody who talked against him to have their mind removed, along with their head. King Eric was greedy is the easiest way to put it, he never let the gold not be touched by him first before he banished the miner from the city, and claimed the find as his own. Geisweit, the court wizard, had not liked his kings ways one bit, but under the law he had to serve and obey him. day after day, night to dawn, Geisweit suffered, and knew no way out of his torture. all he knew were spells, and all spells did was get him in trouble, so Geisweit stayed quiet. After the execution of Michelli Sordanne on Mercurii, the city stood in sorrow. Their greatest fighter, killed for opposing the beliefs of the king. no one could say a word, not even the executioner. Eric was the first one to open his mouth, but all that came out was laughter. pure, evil laughter. people never knew why Eric had been so evil, but conspiracies forged through the underground, and one of the most popular beliefs was that Eric bit into the wrong side of an apple first, gaining the wicked spirits that lay in it. All the theories that came ended in the demise of somebody, and nobody looked forward to that. Utoloterra was a peaceful land, and the roses on the bushes grew so ever high to the sky, until the burden of death came, as the unlikely demise of King Stefon gave power to his hateful son. Nobody knew the land better than Geisweit, he had lived for over 300 years. he had served the father of the great-grandfather of King Stefon in the great Civil War that tore the country into two. Geisweit knew all the secrets of the Dolotreea family, their deepest and darkest ones. It was a common fact that everybody knew Eric was the son of Stefon and a slave, and grew up an only child to claim the family throne. But, Geisweit knew more. the following Lovis after Michelli's death, a thought provoked Geisweit into unimaginable actions under the court of the menacing king, a duel. Years before Eric's birth, a child was held up for adoption. her name was Tomelli, daughter of King Stefon and of Princess Samwe. the was the rightful heir to the thrown, but her birth was a secret. Princess Samwe was to be married soon at the time of Tomelli's birth, and having her child with another man would be looked down upon in her kingdom, especially a child with a king from another country, one that separated from hers in the great Civil War. Tomelli grew up as a potato farmer kilometers away from any life. But, with conjuring a spell, Geisweit teleported to the Queen in a matter of seconds. Tomelli was baffled to see a visitor, especially a court wizard. Without looking at anything except her eyes, Geisweit knew it was the beautiful daughter of King Stefon. She would be the one to rule all or Utoloterra. Geisweit sat down with the beautiful Princess, and told her of her true parents, and her tyrant brother, Eric. He told her that since Eric had been on the throne for so long, he would never give it to anybody without a fight, and he was the least fairest fighter in all of the land, and enjoyed a good cheat or two. Tomelli asked how she could possibly beat her cheating brother, and Geisweit knew exactly what to do. He would teach her all he knew about spells and magic, and create a fighting machine that not even Eric could take down. months passed with training, and Tomelli soon learned all the ways of the wizard, and was ready to challenge her brother to a duel. When Tomelli proposed the idea, Eric laughed. Nobody, especially a woman could never defeat him, but Tomelli was ready to prove otherwise. a day after the proposal, the two picked their respected weapon, and went into the fight. Eric chose a club, a magical club that granted invincibility to the holder, and Eric never lost a battle when he held it. Tomelli, decided to choose a shield. The Fight went on for hours, and Eric was just about ready to give up. Sweat built up on his forehead, and he grew ever weaker with every spell Tomelli conjured. He could no longer cheat with only his club, so he asked Geisweit to kill Tomelli for him. Geisweit decided to refuse his rule, and was sentenced to be slain that day. the guards reached him, and without a second thought, sliced him to his death. Tomelli cried to see her mentor, her father figure die, and rage grew inside her. only certain people, the kindest and most thoughtful people could be wizards and witches, and Tomelli had to power inside her to be one of the greatests. she yelled a fearsome yell that not even a banshee could speak that snapped Eric's club into two. Tomelli could not killed her brother, but she did disarm him. The only way to win was to kill the opponent, and Tomelli could not do so. she held a love for him that only brother and sister could have, and deep inside, although he could not show it, Eric felt the same. Tomelli helped her brother up, and in any other instance as such, Eric would order his men to kill his opponent, but he could not. She treated him a way he never was treated, as a human. Eric never cried, unless from laughter, but today he did from happiness. he loved his sister as she gave him respect, and in return he gave her the kingdom. From there on, Tomelli made the city flourish, and brought together the two countries broken apart in the Civil War, once again. She held Geisweit in her heart, and the city praised him like a god. As for Eric, nobody knew what had happened to him. Some theories emerged that he had died from the venomous bite of a giant crocodile as big as a river, itself. Some say he stayed humble and made a small family. But one thing was for sure, he was a changed man, a human. |THE END|
  3. LiT_gam3r

    13 second PS4 run

    More tea! a few things. 1. I agree with @NeedHealth, you can definitely shave off a second. 2. you collide with the wall in several sections, which could save 2 seconds. 3. you hit the wall to end the game, but you can hit the switch a bit further away. that could save like .25 of a second, but in this type of race, that is a lot of time! I'm sure you can do better. just drink more tea, maybe use a new teabag, you never know.
  4. LiT_gam3r

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I can see him just swoosh from the left to the right and say "AHHHHHHHH!" really loudly.
  5. LiT_gam3r

    Poll: Sourceport graphics poll!

    Most polls are based on opinion. this one seems to be based on fact.
  6. LiT_gam3r

    Why do you WAD?

    What is your reason behind making all of your mods. Is it the satisfaction of working on it for months, and to have a masterpiece when complete? is it to joy other people? Just for fun? Write why you feel the need to make such wondrous and wonderful WADs and mods. I'm sure everybody has a story, and you can now share yours.
  7. LiT_gam3r

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    seen more shit, closer shit, extremely close shit... oh shit!
  8. LiT_gam3r

    Doom timelines

    I'm not sure what happened, but sure.
  9. LiT_gam3r

    Supercharge or Soulsphere?

    blue dot I need to pick up.
  10. what? I don't um... what? is um... okay?
  11. LiT_gam3r

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    is that a goose?
  12. LiT_gam3r

    DOOM Poetry Contest

    @purist I edited the criteria. check it out! now it's 100 lines. I think 30 lines is too little, so I increased it by 333.3...%!
  13. LiT_gam3r

    DOOM Eternal - Eppeziller 1 | DOOM SnapMap

    Snapmap is such an underrated feature that should be as popular as WADing and Modding in the original DOOM games. it is such a shame that people think of it like it is simply a premade map that you can place only in-game enemies and textures into. Custom enemies can totally work in the game, as seen with the custom boss at the end. if only people put the same time into it that they put into their own WADs, there could be entirely new games created in the DOOM game. I've always wanted to see a map which has a Wolfenstein feel to it, and I have a feeling it could be made! I hope more people use it and get great at it!
  14. LiT_gam3r

    Is there a megawad with only big monsters in it?

    yes, they are called Terry WADs.
  15. he lives in Peoria, Illinois, the loudest and craziest county in all of America.