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  1. Shpunk_Scrump

    Warhammer 40k mod

    yo anyone here ?
  2. Shpunk_Scrump

    Doom Zombies

    yo any updates on the mod ?
  3. Shpunk_Scrump

    Doom Ports as first Doom experience?

    pretty boringly it was gzdoom but hey it has mods
  4. Shpunk_Scrump

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    pokemon or something
  5. Shpunk_Scrump

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    scuffed doom logo
  6. Shpunk_Scrump

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    weeb detected edit: fuck i didn't know this thread was long
  7. Shpunk_Scrump

    Favorite Source Port? (Multiple Choice Poll)

    gzdoom because im not a vanilla basic bitch
  8. Shpunk_Scrump

    What songs do you think should NEVER be in a Doom wad?

    none really every music has some place in some wad/mod
  9. Shpunk_Scrump

    A sad photo

    i love playing his wads sad to hear he stopped working on it
  10. as a youngster i very much enjoy what the modding community makes and even might make my own mod unfortunately that's not probable
  11. Shpunk_Scrump

    how can i make a source port for doom

    this has been a very interesting thread
  12. Shpunk_Scrump

    Darkwood like wad or mod ?

    if you played darkwood is there any mod or wad similar to darkwood ? it can be similar in gameplay and/or atmosphere
  13. Shpunk_Scrump

    any more tower defense mod for doom ?

    that's for when i feel lonelier than usual
  14. i've been really loving stronghold and im looking for more mods like it (i am aware of boss battles)