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  1. Namelessone

    Crashes and event xp on XboxOne

    Hey, so i'm completely done with doom. Played the campagne without problems, everything was right. Now i wanted to farm event exp for the slayer skin before the seasons end. I farm hours over hours in singleplayer because i dont want to pay for online mode. Farmed 20-50 times "Hell on Earth" and it gives me 3800 exp every round. Now i doing exatly the same and i get no event exp everymore. Ok then, this fucked me really up, so i farmed "Final Sin" instead. Everything was right and i was doing 20 rounds or so and gained a lot exp. I just need 18.000 exp to finish. Now on the final boss, in the first phase, when you finished it, a portal to the second phase opens and of course i enter it. Now the game crashes. I do it again, and the result was the same. I tryed everything, even waiting 5 min. after the portal opens because maybe i was too fast. But the game still crashes. This really makes me hard mad. Maybe i can forgett my skin now.
  2. Namelessone

    Plot holes

    Doom has a very great story, but unfortunately also massive inconsistencies. 1. Argent Energy: According to Doom 2016, the primary source of argent energy are the souls of tormented wraiths. Eternal now tells a completely different story, that argent energy comes from the souls of the dead + wraith energy created in huge factories (it also tells that with the fall of the wraiths, agrent d'nur loses its battle between hell because they have no longer wraith energy. So Argent energy can never be created?). There is no clue how the two versions are connected. 2 Icon of sin: In Doom 2 the slayer kills the icon. After the events of doom 64 (which are placed after doom 2) he gets to argent d'nur, where the war with the demons begins and from the heart of valens son the icon of sin is born. Who was the icon then in doom 2? You might think there are two icons, but khan maykr says she will "resurrect" the icon, so it must have died before (which points to doom 2, but at this time, the icon was not created). 3. Spectre: This is only a small thing, but in doom 2016 it is mentioned that spectre originated from genetical modification by the UAC. in Eternal however, it is said that they were created by priests.