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  1. Shotbun

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    Does Valheim count? It's been amazing, considering how it's still early access and everything.
  2. Shotbun

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    Not really an option in the poll, but I find it really annoying when people (obviously outside of Doomworld) argue that DOOM is extremely outdated and aged like a milk. ...what?
  3. To be fair, Karl Jobst's content is purely about speedrunning, which DM really isn't. ...then again, not everything in the video is necessarily speedrunning related either.
  4. Didn't see anyone talk about this here yet so I figured that I should make a thread. What do you think? I personally enjoyed it quite a bit.
  5. Obligatory. Not sure if I should add a warning here or not.
  6. Shotbun

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    This would be my answer as well. ...but at the same time, also this. I play a lot of weird gameplay mods, just not Brutal Doom.
  7. Shotbun

    When setting up a Doom rig

    If you're planning to play vanilla and not go straight into insane gameplay wads that GZDoom offers, prboom-plus which @DuckReconMajor mentioned is an excellent choice. With that (or stuff like Crispy/Chocolate Doom) there is absolutely no chance that your PC will struggle Then again, it's not like GZDoom (or wads for it) requires an insane PC either, I'm sure you can run it as well without any issues.
  8. I think I said this in another thread that has the same idea as this one; Old School RuneScape but in DOOM.
  9. Shotbun

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    I don't know what's happening in the chat.
  10. Here's a sequel if someone is interested:
  11. Shotbun


    They would have done something already if the ratio was bad enough, especially if backlash would be irrelevant as they still can suck money out of Minecraft Realms that people use in java edition as well as new copies that people buy instead of bedrock edition. Microsoft is a company looking for money - java edition would be dead if it didn't bring any profit. However I'm confident that it still does, hence why they are keeping it alive. There will be a guaranteed massive backlash however once it dies.
  12. Shotbun


    Considering the java version still has an insanely large playerbase, stopping development for it in favor of bedrock version would cause an enormous backlash. I'm not sure how I feel about the news. I guess the time will tell what is going to happen. At the very least they didn't get bought by EA (as if it was going to happen anyway) just in line to be executed few years later.
  13. It's a bit shame to see how everything about this topic turned out. I've been one of GmanLives' subscribers (and ICARUSLIV3S' too if you want to poke me about it) for quite some time and it's a bit sad to see how poorly he decided to handle the situation. I feel like a simple correction video would have been so much better than just deleting the video. (Also that Brutal Doom comment was REALLY weird, caught me instantly when I was watching the original video) That being said, I always felt like GmanLives' weird attitude in videos is just an Australian thing (Any Australian readers, don't kill me). At least every Australian I've met seems to banter a lot more and one of my Australian friends told me that it is not a coincidence. That doesn't excuse GmanLives' behaviour on Twitter (like the response he did to AmethystViper) and I hope he would improve on that regard. ...and Doomkid got a new subscriber too. Good stuff.
  14. Is it just me or is the pain elemental sitting on the toilet completely stuck? It can't seem to move away like in the video but rather keeps spinning on top of the keycard. Tested with GZDoom g4.4.2 and PrBoom
  15. Think in more positive way. Surely Eternal also brought some new friends here that are actually interested in older DOOM games as well.