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  1. sLydE

    Fallout 3

    I'm about 65/70 hours into Fallout 3, and I'm absolutely eating it up. The only real issue I have with the game is not the game's fault at all. My dual-core CPU is a bottleneck in my machine, and causes frequent 30 fps moments at the worst times. (i.e. combat in an open area) I don't play games in 3rd person mode generally, so I don't really care about that aspect. I've been purposely avoiding the main storyline quest, as my wife just played through it and was disappointed. She went back and started playing again from an earlier save game. I'm basically trying to do everything I can before I get bored and want to finish the game. I think Fallout 3 is great, and I think it's well worth the price tag.
  2. sLydE

    The Fall of Newdoom

    No, I offered, but it looks like smite is moving stuff to Sourceforge, which is cool with me. As long as it survives.
  3. sLydE

    The Fall of Newdoom

    We really, really need to get some more dialog going on about this. I can't even seem to find out how to contact anyone who is "working" on the project.
  4. sLydE

    What FPS do you own?

    Playstation: Doom Steam: Unreal Pack (UT3, Unreal, etc.) Half Life Half Life 2 Half Life 2: Episode 1 Half Life 2: Episode 2 OK, well fuck it. I have the entire Valve back catalog, as well as the id Software Super Pack. Bioshock Company of Heroes Call of Duty and I think I have more, actually, but can't think of any more.
  5. As a gamer, you are generally a technical person. What operating system do you use most? I'm not talking about strictly for gaming. What OS do you use for productivity? Creativity? Horsing around? Also note that I am running this poll on a few different sites, so if you frequent those sites, please only vote once, as I will be compiling the numbers at the end of the run.
  6. Wow, all I really wanted was the data from the poll, but I got something much better!
  7. Well, to borrow a phrase, "it just works."
  8. Alright, well, the interface in OS X is MUCH more standard than what XP is using. Leopard really updated every program to be very similar (in the case of third party stuff) to exactly the same (all of Apple's programs.) If you're talking about standard across platforms, you know that the original Mac OS GUI was out a full year before Windows, right? So, where does the standard lay? Also, the Mighty Mouse ships with all computers. 4 buttons and a scroll ball. 'nuff said.
  9. nope, I was just really curious today, and thought I would ask everyone. I also posted on NewDoom and Interlopers.
  10. sLydE

    Drug users?

    I had a really bad addiction problem, but I've been going to NA, and have been clean for 246 days. Anyone who thinks they have a problem should stop into a meeting, everyone's friendly, and you can get a free cup of coffee. /buzzkill
  11. Real men build from source.
  12. sLydE

    Drug users?

    lots and lots of caffeine. I didn't know if you meant prescription drugs that were actually prescribed to me which I don't abuse, or ones that someone would abuse (which I don't), so I didn't vote for that option.
  13. sLydE

    Left 4 dead

    I've played only about 30 minutes of L4D and I just about shit my pants. I really wanted to play co-op with my wife, but it won't allow you to use the same Steam account to play a LAN game on two separate computers. We didn't feel it was worth another $50 to play co-op, so we just sit in the same room and play single player (I'm in offline mode) together.
  14. sLydE

    Kickin' it Back to 199x ...

    OH, man, how could I have forgotten these? Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  15. sLydE

    Kickin' it Back to 199x ...

    Yes, yes, yes, yes. Did I mention yes?
  16. sLydE

    How much does oversea shipping cost?

    why not put the stuff in your cart, and go up to the point where you would put in your credit card info, and see what it comes out to.
  17. sLydE

    Church sign contest

    The funniest thing to do would be to call up the billboard agency, offer more money, and run an ad in the same place, replacing this douchebag's, that is very similar, but spouting amendment rights.
  18. sLydE

    Mega Man 9 (NES) announced

    And this is why I love the internet.
  19. sLydE

    Photoshop CS4 Preview - Oh snap!

    awesome, just awesome. I wish I had the money to get it, I just paid for CS a few years ago.
  20. sLydE

    What have you read lately?

    In a purely non-homosexual way, of course...hopefully...right? O_O
  21. sLydE

    What have you read lately?

    I've read: Dune: The Butlerian Jihad Dune: The Machine Crusade Dune: The Battle of Corrin Hunters of Dune Sandworms of Dune Ender's Game Speaker for the Dead Xenocide Children of the Mind Ender's Shadow Shadow of the Hegemon Shadow Puppets Shadow of the Giant Pattern Recognition Spook Country (currently reading) Getting Things Done (currently reading) Sherlock Holmes series (4 novels, 56 short stories) I've been busy reading :)
  22. sLydE

    The Mummy 3, is it any good?

    My 2-year-old loved WALL-E. First movie he's ever seen in theatres. That said, I liked it a whole lot, too. But then again, I'm a sucker for Space things as well as Pixar movies.
  23. sLydE

    The Mummy 3, is it any good?

    According to the Totally Rad Show the third Mummy movie may make you think that Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull is a good movie.