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  1. wtf where did you find this picture of me?
  2. Fans of the new doom games when someone makes a 17 hour response video essay about ign's 2 minute rushed and shitty review that was only made to meet a deadline
  3. Scrabbs

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    block of cheese
  4. Scrabbs

    Multiplayer idea that could've been awesome...

    There are loads of populated servers on Quake Live with custom maps up and running right now
  5. Scrabbs

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Since it's a secret level I kinda forgot about it, haven't played it in years To be honest I like episode 2 way more than episode 1. Once you learn the drones can be bitch made by slamming a door in their face the levels improve dramatically
  6. Scrabbs

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Duke is the most consistent in quality of level designs, there are no bad levels in duke. Boring sure, but bad no way. Blood and Shadow Warrior are way more inconsistent, but have higher highs and lower lows
  7. This I adore nonlinear wide open maps with a ton of secrets. Bonus points if there are other ways to complete the levels
  8. this is awesome, whatever it is your doing it's working phenomenally keep it up and do your best
  9. Scrabbs

    Random Image Thread

  10. Scrabbs

    How would you make TAG2 harder?

    I think TAG 2 is in a good spot regarding difficulty, people who say it's easier than the base campaign are crazy. The challenge levels are harder then any of the slayer gates
  11. jeep wrangler (in my dreams)
  12. Scrabbs

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    probably uncut gems, last movie I saw in theaters before covid started
  13. Scrabbs

    Pepsi or Coke?

    coke 100 times over