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  1. Scrabbs

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    My favorites are Half-Life Duke Nukem 3D Sonic 3 and Knuckles Deus Ex Max Payne 2 Castelvania SOTN Left 4 Dead 2 Mother 3
  2. Scrabbs

    Which games are you waiting for ?

    Man I can't wait for Mother 3 to be translated. Any day now bros!
  3. Scrabbs

    Microsoft Showcase leaked? Quake Reboot?

    Fake this is to good to be real
  4. Scrabbs


    I am the smartest and strongest man on the planet, no I will not provide any proof.
  5. Scrabbs

    Your Tony Hawk Pro-Skater experience

    Those games are the reason my favorite song is Goldfinger by Superman
  6. Scrabbs

    What Are you Proud of?

    I just bought a trailer and I'm renting it out to a recovering addict who can't get good housing anywhere else, it's actually sweet. Their parole officers who do unannounced check-ins are like my unpaid property managers.
  7. Scrabbs

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    Bought sonic frontiers hope it doesn’t suck
  8. Scrabbs

    What nostalgic games did you grow up with?

    Galaga, used to play that at the movie theater with my dad. He would control the ship and I’d shoot think the highest level we got to was 16.
  9. Scrabbs

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    Got a saturn and replayed the original trilogy (and knuckles route in sonic 3) via Sonic Jam. Still happy to say sonic 3 and knuckles is still the greatest 2D platformer ever made, nothing compares. Been playing Symphony of the Night and love that too.
  10. Simple, people who were kids when they first played Halo are now old enough to post. I wonder how long until people start defending pubg and Fortnite? I’m guessing 4-6 years, maybe less. I mean it’s weird to think Halo CE is as retro as Pac-Man was in 2001
  11. Scrabbs

    Freddy vs. Jason or Aliens vs. predator

    Robocop vs Skynet