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  1. Whoa no gameplay, take my money Croteam
  2. Scrabbs

    What moments in movies made you feel cathartic?

    In Home Alone 2 when the wet bandit survives a brick being thrown at home
  3. Scrabbs

    VoidSW and Duke3D - Vulkan Support

    "bitchin"_ Dick Kickem
  4. Scrabbs

    favorite Zombie apocalypse games?

    L4D 1 and 2 and it's not even close
  5. Scrabbs

    Absolute Worst Villains

    Skull Face from MGS5
  6. Scrabbs

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

  7. map editing and it aged much more gracefully even without source ports
  8. what the fuck, I wasn't ready for that bombshell today
  9. tfw the flash back with doomguy wasn't taking place on a quake 3 map
  10. Scrabbs

    Do you ever play Doom on I'm too young to die?

    no i'm not 6
  11. isn't releasing the source code eventually still the law of the land at id? Or did Zenimax change it
  12. Scrabbs

    How Come Heretic And Hexen Aren't As Popular As Doom?

    because doom is more famous, and easier. It's like asking why Rise of Triad isn't more popular than wolf 3d, despite being WAY better
  13. Scrabbs

    Extensive Steam List of Doom Clones

    add ion fury
  14. Scrabbs

    Was Doom 2016 Better Than Doom Eternal?

    I will say eternal is much more linear in terms of combat, if you don't like the resource management you'll like 16 more
  15. Scrabbs

    Is Samuel Hayden the Seraphim?

    probably lol