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  1. hakros

    Hakros TexMapper 1.3.1

    Thanks i'm glad you like it !
  2. hakros

    My First Four Maps: Anomaly

    Nice mapset to start ! Congrats !
  3. hakros

    Hakros TexMapper 1.3.1

    Thanks !
  4. hakros

    Hakros TexMapper 1.3.1

    Thanks but remember that this program is only for extracting textures. Apart from that, I'm working on a texture pack, not as ambitious as OTEX but I hope it will be useful to the community mappers... ;-) !!
  5. hakros

    [SHORT MAP] Hakros Code 1.1

    I guess you didn't look down, did you? Through the glass I mean... :-D !! That is the explanation for the cubic rooms and that they are black and white ...... if you dare take a look and I think you will understand! PS: Thanks to try it !
  6. hakros

    Hakros TexMapper 1.3.1

    Thanks so much, i'm glad you like it :-D !
  7. Hi, awesome megawad, thanks for share it ! I will include it in my app at next release. https://hakros.itch.io/hakros-doom-launcher Greetings !
  8. +1 Ex Inferis an awesome slaughter mapset, the level design is gorgeous !! @Ex Inferis
  9. hakros

    EX INFERIS - 31 Map Slaughter (ish) wad

    This is completely awesome, the level design is impressive, congratulations for this incredibly mapset ! And thanks so much for share it !
  10. Hi John i've two new maps (short but intense) for your playtesting... :-D !!


    Hakros Rotia (I told you about it the other day)


    And my last map Hakros Code


    Both are short but intense, I think you'll like them. :-D !!





    1. Suitepee


      I have added both of those to my next Doom wad playtesting stream list.

    2. hakros
  11. hakros

    [SHORT MAP] Hakros Code 1.1

    Hello everyone, I present to you CODE a simple but intense map that I have made experimentally, There is a total of 150 enemies and 1 secret. I hope you like it. :-D !! Greetings. -------------------------------------------------------- Instructions Doom2.wad file required to play, just copy the file into 'games\' folder -------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hakros Code Version: 1.1 Format: UDMF Port Needed: GZDoom IWAD: Doom2.wad Map: MAP01 Mods: No Gameplay: Single player Build Time: 1 week Jumping & Crouching: Allowed Freelook: Allowed Difficulty settings: No Dehacked file: No Custom music: Yes Custom textures: Yes (included) (based on HakrosTex) (my custom texture pack :-D) Enemies: 150 Secrets: 1 -------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD FROM HERE Standalone version includes also (GZDOOM) https://hakros.itch.io/hakros-code SCREENSHOTS
  12. hakros

    [UPDATED] [SHORT MAP] Hakros Rotia 1.3

    Release 1.3 New textures pack (based on HakrosTex) (my custom texture pack :-D) Improved lighting Custom song added
  13. hakros

    [UPDATED] [SHORT MAP] Hakros Rotia 1.3

    Release 1.2 After the comments i've retired some of the arch-viles and improve other aspects of the map (lights, architecture and difficulty settings in general)
  14. hakros

    [UPDATED] [SHORT MAP] Hakros Rotia 1.3

    Hahahaha ..... well hey, at least some good news! PS: Thanks for the comments. !