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  1. Mike951

    Zdaemon 1.7 is out.

    Just thought i'd mention it since there are no news items/posts about it that I know of on doomworld. zdaemon.org
  2. Mike951

    Dem HOEs Is Done

    Yet another mod bites the dust
  3. Mike951

    Doom Movie Casting

    I think the doom movie should be based on DOOM books. Personally I haven't read any of the books and don't know if the movies are using the books. But I have a feeling they aren't.
  4. Mike951

    509 (Bandwidth) error on Skulltag.com

    Well no one has answered this question so here it is. When will the website be fixed? I heard rampagedoom.com was down for a month because the bandwith limit was exceeded. Is this the same problem?
  5. Mike951

    How to finish doom2 lvl 30

    Does any1 know how to finish doom2 lvl 30 without using cheats?
  6. But what is the letter/number to make your name change colors? I saw someones name changing colors.
  7. Disco Stu comes on skulltag every once and and a while and his name has changing colors when you look at whos playing. A few other ppl have it too.
  8. How Come some people have Colors on their name and How can you add colors to your name?
  9. Mike951

    Your ST wishlist

    Doomcrate is kinda sneaky too.
  10. Mike951

    Your ST wishlist

    I think this skin should be included in the next skulltag http://members.fortunecity.com/doomskin/files/sneaky.zip heres a preview the skins http://members.fortunecity.com/doomskin/preview/sneaky.html if the download doesn't work go here http://members.fortunecity.com/doomskin/skinpacks.html and go near the bottom where it says the sneaky pack. Also I think the bots should be smarter instead of just sitting there and letting you blast em.
  11. Mike951

    How do I make skulltag always load skins?

    Thanks for helping me with the skins and the announcer. Also you know the download site http://www.3ddownloads.com takes forever to even start downloading cause you have to wait for other people but your download goes faster when its your turn.
  12. Mike951

    How do I make skulltag always load skins?

    I can't find my Announcer or my Skins directory in my skulltag directory how come?
  13. How I make skulltag Load my skins everytime I get on it?