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  1. Ashes2Ashes

    Every known Doom 3 monster

    Looks pretty cool... I haven't seen many of those monsters before. Could be a big turtle... aim for the head, I guess.
  2. Ashes2Ashes

    Friendly sprites

    I was just wondering if there was a way to put sprites in that would attack other monsters, but not the player? Like have some human marines follow you along and help you fight. Can it be done? Sorry, this should be in questions... I honestly didn't see the Question Forum... Once again, sorry. Could someone move this please?
  3. Ashes2Ashes

    what is your most favorite weapon in doom?

    Definitely the Boomstick... me and the ol' double barrel has dropped many a demon. Don't leave home without one.
  4. Ashes2Ashes

    Doomworld is 56% Evil

    deadites.net is 17% evil and 83% good... well... who'da thunk?
  5. Ashes2Ashes

    If you could change the Pink demon

    The new pinky has a long, wide, shiny head... as if it can plow through anything in it's way.
  6. Ashes2Ashes

    Will you be honest?

    Same here, it's going to my XBOX. My computer would commit suicide if I put the disc in the drive.
  7. Ashes2Ashes

    If you could change the Pink demon

    I wouldn't change anything about him(it?). The look of the face seems to resemble a battering ram of sorts; like the head is heavily armored because it is the most visible part of the creature. I think it is pure, demonic genius.
  8. Ashes2Ashes

    New preview + New screenshot

    It is ridiculous to even think that there wouldn't be any strafing. id is going for so much realism, it is stupid to say something so important would be excluded. I hope that stamina bar doesn't run out when I'm desparately tying to evade that Hell Knight... things could get really... gooey...
  9. Ashes2Ashes

    Least favorite Doom/Doom 2 monster?

    Yeah, I have long since cleared Tricks and Traps. I let myself get swarmed, though, and I couldn't get out to let the smackdown commence without me. I am playing through Doom 2 on Hurt me Plenty without the aid of cheats for the first time (yup, years of practice with cheats...). I think I'm on the level Bloodfalls. I've finally let Doom get its claws in. The obsession has begun. :D
  10. Ashes2Ashes

    Least favorite Doom/Doom 2 monster?

    I never liked the Cyberdemon. I've been playing Doom since I was in kindergarten (I cheated a bit back then). Now, the creature I feared then is the same I fear now. My father used to play Doom all the time, but in the level "Tricks and Traps" of Doom2, he fell fighting the CyberDemon after having killed all the Barons of Hell in there. I guess seeing your dad "die" in a game makes you a little crazy. Yes, I'm new.