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  1. Jwarrier[HeLL]

    Player Connector - Are YOU ready to play?

    Yes we can... thats whats so great about it.
  2. Are you tired of opening fifty different programs in order to play a few engines for doom? What about wanting to play Quake II, Quake III, Wolfenstein ET, or even DooM III? Well we have the answer. Introducing Player Connector, a freeware program that allows you to do all that and more with over 10 currently supported games including your favorites of Legacy, Jdoom, CSdoom, Zdoom, Doom III, and of course the Quakes. Just download our latest setup exe, and get yourself started in the ultimate gaming enviroment. playerconnector.com This program originates from Doom Connector, and currently does not support Skulltag and Zdaemon. Please read the Terms of Use before begining your adventure in our online gaming paradise. If you have any questions look into the FAQ, and if that doesn't help message me using the Instant Messaging feature; Jwarrier[HeLL].
  3. Jwarrier[HeLL]

    Skulltag v0.95c Bug Report Thread

    Carnevil I would have to say that Skull Tag is looking real good man. Keep up the good work.