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  1. nycemt123

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    I could see a story arc of wolfenstein & doom blended together. Great-great-great-etc grandfather and doomslayer united in a coop campaign to rid the multiverse of a nazi-demonic empire. Jumping back and forth between hell, the future (alien planets, demolished Earth & concentration camp pocket-dimensions), Hitler and his descendants must be wiped out to return order to the chaos. I call it... Doomenstein 😈
  2. nycemt123

    Have the master levels been abandoned?

    I think that they've also been slowing down due to the Microsoft bethesda acquisition since they're unsure of their future.
  3. Marauder has been a challenge in my Unmodded UV run. In my NM run he was a breeze. I didn't take the quick-swapping praetor park lol
  4. nycemt123

    What do you want for DLC?

    Slayergate Speedrun xD
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong... but... were you using the 1-shot stagger cheat code?
  6. nycemt123

    Extra Lifer

    So I've gotta say... the Unmodded run is pretty difficult in a great way. I decided to do it in Ultra-Violence. I'm actually stuck in Nekravol Part 1 because those pain elementals at the brain-room are vicious. Having a max of 50 armor/100hp reeeeeally takes a toll on ya!
  7. nycemt123

    Extra Lifer

    That Phobos skin is wowzers! I did my extra Lifer run on ITYTD... started on Thursday night... got the skin on Friday afternoon - with FORTY-FIVE extra lives in inventory!! Has me wondering... why should ITYTD be a permitted difficulty level for receiving the skin? It literally had me feeling bad for the demons that (compared to my NM run) were essentially brainless. It was funny to keep the archviles alive as long as possible to spawn more so I could complete event series challenges in one fight scene... but omg! Died 2x due to flukes (1 time I was wiping pizza oil from my beard lol & the 2nd I got stuck on a step surrounded by archvile summons as they were spawning)... My point is that after having completed it, I feel that the skin should only be available for Extra Lifer on UV and up, whereas the title should be able to be obtained on ITYTD and up. Thoughts?
  8. nycemt123

    Extra Lifer

    Gotcha - thanks!
  9. nycemt123

    Extra Lifer

    Hmm maybe that should be my next focus. So, only use one crystal and 1 praetor point to achieve?
  10. Interesting. I find it a bit more confusing though... after Sentinel Prime, you kill the priest which unconsencrates the realm (everything turns red, including guards' blades - the same guards that welcomed you back upon entering who now rush at you to squeeze you back into your portal). King Novik and the priest both say that spilling sentinel blood on the holy ground will result in loss of sovereignty. That said, the slayer is still a warrior, but technically no longer a warrior-king... so the Fortress & crucible should, essentially, no longer be available to him... no?
  11. nycemt123

    What do you think about Battlemode?

    I disagree - I LOVE big boom in conjunction with double frag grenades far more than the BFG. Drop a dual grenade when the demons are next to fodder right after a flamebelch, jump around the other side with a remote detonating rocket as you drop the other dual grenade in opposite direction and run... good luck computing just how much aoe you pummel them with lol
  12. nycemt123

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Exactly! That's why I believe that the Betrayer & the Slayer are actually the same character from different timelines. Hayden plucked the Eternal slayer from another timeline. The flashbacks that occur in Tara's Nabad are of the player's Slayer coming to grips with the memories of the "correct" Slayer's memories overlapping his own. HE never experienced that, or may have experienced it in another manner.
  13. nycemt123

    Favorite Doom Slayer skin?

    This one
  14. 31. PS4 3/26/20 Hurt Me Plenty _____________ Currently stuck on IOS in my Nightmare run, refusing to use Sentinel Armor.