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  1. Princessshanobi


    lol, it poss should be - but my Latin teacher gave me that sentance exactly as you saw it, so either she's wrong or you are. Apparently though, you don't need 'sum' at all because 'Ego semper in excrementum' means the same thing.... but starting a debate over things such as Latin declensions is just a little odd, therefore, whatever you say goes!
  2. Princessshanobi

    Anyone know why?

    Yup,i am Matt's girlfriend in real life. Though, scarily, I think some of the people on this site know enough about me from him that introducing myself would be pointless. *glare*
  3. Princessshanobi

    Melt Banana

    being a punk band, one would suppose that they are not, and with a name like that....its pretty safe to say that 'cool' probably does not rate very highly on the agenda.
  4. Princessshanobi

    Anyone know why?

    Oh well, old members that where, im sure, worth the wait getting to know ;p BTW Chrissie... i c u had an interestn convo wiv my boyfriend in a forum yesterday....
  5. Princessshanobi

    Anyone know why?

    Nah im not that bothered I will just keep this account now! I was kinda confused as to why it went weird. It was probably just my old pre-war pc, bless it.
  6. Princessshanobi

    Anyone know why?

    my old account was princess_shanobi. not that much different really :p I logged on a few days ago (for the first time in months i will admitt) and i was weird so i got a new account. now i can't get into my old account at all. im just off to c if its still on the member list...
  7. Princessshanobi

    Sort of DOOM related

    Thats quite impressive...i found the jesus face - it is quite scary if u look at it just right....
  8. Princessshanobi

    Anyone know why?

    I just had to create a new account, as irritating as that is, because my old account was allowing me to log in fine, but refusing to let me reply to any posts - although i could still start a thread if i wished. Maybe im just being dumb and over looking something obvious? Does anyone know what the hell could have been going on?! Im just curious as to why really.
  9. Princessshanobi

    Which monster looks the best so far...

    I think a lot of people will disagree but IMO the Arch-Ville looked better before.... though the Hell Knight and Lost Soul are great
  10. Princessshanobi


    Its seems to me that more people speak latin than I thought. BTW, Ego sum semper in excrementum. Especially today.