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  1. Psilli

    Short map for short people

    Pretty good and easy to get into.
    Good and quick collection of maps. Nothing too easy nor too hard. Good stuff. :)
  2. Psilli

    Dark Encounters

    Really awesome collection of maps! Each map had a unique theme, good puzzle/key-hunting, and the enemy encounters felt fair and balanced. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through all 32 levels. Thanks!
  3. Psilli


    Very fun single map. Action-packed and challenging. Would recommend
  4. Psilli

    DOOM 2 - Flashback to Hell

    Excellent array of maps inspired from the DOOM II levels, cool story, and good gameplay. Definitely recommend!
  5. the man who reviews

  6. Psilli


    Great level design and fluidity. Recommended for anyone looking for a challenge and lots of chaos. For extra fun/difficulty, play with Project Brutality or Brutal Doom. :)
  7. Psilli

    Fork And Knife In the Road

    Fun wad! A good first map and the encounters were fun and fair. I really enjoyed it! :)
  8. Psilli

    Death Beckons.

    Fun and somewhat challenging. Rough around the edges and a little stingy on health packs but a good map nevertheless. Good job.
  9. Psilli

    Disciples of Darkness

    Quite an excellent short collection of maps. The monster encounters were good and definitely required some thinking to figure how to complete in order to advance to the next segment. All in all, great work. Played with: GZDoom Hurt Me Plenty
  10. Psilli

    Extreme Terror

    Played with: GZDoom Hurt Me Plenty Super cool and fun level. I loved the different areas of the base and the objective status. Especially the reactor puzzle. Very well made!
  11. Psilli


    Excellent five maps! I found the pacing to be great and the levels themselves were very, very fun to play and of great design. Good wad to sit back, relax, and enjoy the environment (oh, and killing demons, of course). Played with: GZDoom Hurt Me Plenty
  12. Psilli

    I Hate My Neighbors

    Chaotic and fun! The pistol-start refresh after a decent amount of levels kept me on my toes and the combat interesting (especially using Project Brutality 3.0). Definitely challenging so I only recommend this to those with decent skills. Fun story and pretty good level design.
  13. Psilli

    DARK UNIVERSE-part 1

    I absolutely loved this mapset! The atmosphere was nailed perfectly; the tight corridors, tunnels, access ways, hanger bays, door controls, etc. made me feel like I was actually on board a UAC space ship. I played this with the bleeding edge version of Project Brutality 3 at the time and I felt that it worked well with this mapset. Dunno if part 2 in is the works but this was an awesome ride!
  14. Psilli

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Finished this map not long ago. Gotta say: for as small and as short as this was, I absolutely loved it! Enemy encounters felt well-balanced with a few surprises mixed in for good measure. My only wish is that this type would last longer! Anyway, great job.