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  1. Czerny399

    Argent Sun, 17Map Wad(ver 0.96) ZDoom

    Thanks for checking it out. First Wad, taking a break from it, and then I started to think maybe....we should just make a part 2. Still up in the air. Plus I need to Credit everything as text file goes. I'll upload to /IDgames when I'm completely satisfied. I would say for the Switch hunts and puzzles, I did go overboard on Map 12 and 16. Map01 monster closet I didn't change from Protoss's design. They are not set to Ambush, so they turn around when they finally hear a sound, after collecting Blue Key that raises that sector. Map02. Now that you say that, I had the idea that you weren't suppose go in. Changed, player can go in-out, extra ammo, but is damaging floor. Map05: Didn't change Protoss's design. I like that you can see outside one way, though it's not a window. Not wanting to change it, though the Cacos try to chase you looking through. Map07: Yeah. People were confused during TNS session. Distinct separation!, more breathing room. Map11: Pain Elemental is suppose be stuck. Kinda hard to punch out in Zdaemon port, hence the shape of that sector. Moved sectors near Sergeant to having breathing room- still doable as pacifist for map. Map12: added in front of Blue Door, to give a clear goal. Map15: I went crazy with, all of it fodder. 700 zombie man gone in a flash!
  2. Czerny399

    Argent Sun, 17Map Wad(ver 0.96) ZDoom

    0.95 version up now! This is pretty much the final version, unless other crucial bugs are found, before sending to /Idgames archive.
  3. Czerny399


    Tried doing a blind playthrough, got to Map02 Yellow key and then getting killed by cacos. Did recording, but realized how I was playing wouldn't be an entertaining watch. What I can say is after looking through it: Good architectural design. Can ramp to medium-hard, but has plenty breathing room for everyone. Traps are expected, though some like Map03's is shoving a cake in your face.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much.
  5. Great job everyone! Didn't know that my Square 13 was marked as secret. Thinking it would be adjoined with a heavy hitscanner room, but the backpack is the real reward.
  6. Took a little look at it, I think this will be amusing with my partner in crime compares in Doom map making wise.
  7. Czerny399

    Argent Sun, 17Map Wad(ver 0.96) ZDoom

    0.89 version up now. Sounds reintroduced. Oops forgot that Shotgun sound is from Timesplitters Future Perfect.
  8. Czerny399

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Many Things put on the map.
  9. I've already sent to Hell in my view Blizzard Entertainment, and Nintendo itself. The best Metroid game in years was AM2R, they took it down too quickly- phuck them.
  10. Czerny399

    Argent Sun, 17Map Wad(ver 0.96) ZDoom

    0.85 version up now. No crucial bugs/errors that would kill gameplay like last time.
  11. Czerny399

    Never kill the cacodemon.

    While working a buddy's map, I had made it so that map could be done Pacifist. If a particular Caco gets killed(in another room that is NOT Ambush/Deaf), then the two switches that open the doors will be sealed. You cannot punch at all- Silence is Golden.
  12. Shaping up nicely here. Did a correction on my square, as the scroll texture line wasn't faced correctly- few were stopped. Everything the same aside from that. AngryQuilt_v14 sq13fix.zip
  13. Czerny399

    Joke Threads are underrated.

    Hard to construct to have actual jokes, because of it not allowed that being spoken of. Has to lie within truth, at least talking about it open of one's own herpies dust cheese. Same with actual good trolling which goes lazy. Lazy with the memes too. Though I don't like the low effort trash, I would rather have someone have a venting OR out to whatever problems they have in life. Though what I especially laugh is Michael Porfirio/ G Manifesto Haiku tweets. They won't make sense to most, but I Ocean dive Wearing a custom suit Chimp strong punching a Caco gathering spaghetti dinner with oils, boozing heavy, smoking heavy Swoop 400 Russian models Village by the Sea
  14. Czerny399

    Argent Sun, 17Map Wad(ver 0.96) ZDoom

    Ah thank you. I'm still working through it in terms of quality assurance. The Gameplay is done and should work as intended, though I had worked on Map12 in the wee hours of the night to have stairs for that cross area for Zdaemon engine working. Maps like Map03 UAC Mein!, Map05 Get Krunk, Map10 Base of Refueling was done by AgentProtoss, who currently doesn't have DoomWorld Account. He laid down the framework and goal, whereas I breathed life for everything else to make it work. UAC Mein! had two halls that went the same place, so I decided that the other pathway collapses if crossed("Never do the same section twice"..) Plus it pretty much A to B for that map. For Big Whoop, map I made, that has 3 sections: Big open area blasting one demon after another, cramped trap area that Rockets would be bad generally, 3rd area is Chaotic free-swinging climax going down the slope to have an Volcano to explode. (BTW, Big Whoop came from Monkey Island 2, but meant it as "whatever" in context) What people may complain about this Wad is that is does use ZDoom or Zdaemon as the intended goal, as was intended for TNS Crowd, at least a session. Which dunno if people will do runs on this, as it would have to be normally recorded, not Doom Demos as the older schoolers would do.