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  1. HaYtReZ

    Doom on Earth (had no name for the wad)

    1. Yeeeah i was kinda lazy when editing the maps and i miss alot of them, i sometimes wouldn't even fix them FOREVER. 3. Well when i was editing for some reason MAP03 just got out, maybe i deleted it accidentaly, also it kinda fits because you can lose all of your weapons, i did that after MAP08 because i didnt (and still dont) know how to script in GZDOOM Builder, and when i try some of the scripts, they still wont work and don't know why.
  2. This wad is a Deathmatch Map Collection, However it has only 2 maps for now. MAP01 By HaYtReZ MAP02 By HaYtReZ MAP01 Requires Brutal Doom V21 MAP02 Requires DOOM II This wad allows everything, and you can even play Singleplayer in this wad, i don't really care if you do play in Singleplayer (but i care if you don't have friends) This wad doesn't change anything anyways, it's just maps. Also the wad needs GZDoom Port before you play, maybe it even works with ZDoom (NOT TESTED). Screenshots: MAP01: MAP02: DMMapsCollection.rar
  3. I'm new to posting maps and a friend of mine told me to post so here i am. DOOM ON EARTH It's a wad where its for maps, there isn't new weapons, but just maps. To play the WAD you need: Freelook Jumping and Crouching (VERY NEEDED) Hardware rendering GZDoom (might work with ZDoom, not tested.) Doom II Wad (IMPORTANT, WITHOUT DOOM II IT WONT WORK) What the WAD has: MAP01 By HaYtReZ (Works with multiplayer perfectly! just share with your friends medikits and weapons) MAP02 By HaYtReZ MAP04 By HaYtReZ MAP05 By HaYtReZ MAP06 By HaYtReZ MAP07 By HaYtReZ MAP08 By HaYtReZ MAP10 By HaYtReZ MAP11 By HaYtReZ SEC1 By HaYtReZ SEC2 By HaYtReZ Yes, I made all of the maps ALL BY MY SELF. The wad supports Multiplayer and Deathmatch. Deathmatch doesn't work on all maps, and if there is any monsters in Deathmatch, they are supposed to be there. Also the WAD Can be used for Sandbox, but I recommend story. Screenshots: doe_s1.rar