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Everything posted by Bubbleman100

  1. Bubbleman100

    What's your favourite DOOM source port?

  2. Bubbleman100

    Will Doom come to Fortnite?

  3. Bubbleman100

    A weird bug I found in Doom II

    Very likely it must be the SourcePorts you are using, in the Steam version I believe it doesn't have this kind of bug
  4. Bubbleman100

    which are better? Doom 64 or Classic Doom sounds?

    Dude has no comparison, the sound of the Imp when he meets it became legendary, the sound of the doomguy dying is extremely unpleasant, when you managed to execute a gib then. For me the sounds of Doom Original are too satisfying.
  5. Bubbleman100

    Complex Doom

    Hi guys, I send a video on Youtube of a gameplay from Complex Doom, can you give me a pass to leave your comment I series eternally grateful: 3 PS: Sorry for my English Vídeo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBGBwCQNcsk&t=54s
  6. Bubbleman100

    Complex Doom

    Why ?
  7. How many versions does bfg have in all id software games
  8. Bubbleman100

    Ultra-Violence and the opinions of the players

    I since I started playing Doom game on Ultra Violence and it became my default difficulty favorite, any Doom game I play has to be on ultra violence
  9. Bubbleman100

    Romero and The Black Room ?

    Could anyone tell me why Romero abandoned his project The Black Room?
  10. Bubbleman100

    Romero and The Black Room ?

    On second thought this makes a lot of sense
  11. Bubbleman100

    Romero and The Black Room ?

    Thanks buddy
  12. Bubbleman100

    Doomguy vs Caleb

    Caleb or Doomguy, who would win this bloody battle to the teeth
  13. Bubbleman100

    What if Trent Reznor made a soundtrack for a Doom game?

    Probably all monster sounds would be made by Trent Reznor
  14. Bubbleman100

    Id Software

    It is possible that one day, John Romero, Adrian Carmack and Tom Hall, will return to work together
  15. Bubbleman100

    Id Software

    I believe that yes, they can go back to work together, the only exception is John Carmack, who seems that the three do not get along with him today
  16. Bubbleman100

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    I want to discuss with you the differences between Bobby Prince and Mick Gordon, what they like about each one, what they don't like I think Mick is a more technical and creative musician in his composition Plus Bobby Prince also made a very good soundtrack for Doom
  17. Have you ever thought how incredible it would be if all Id Software games were set in a single universe
  18. Bubbleman100

    Doom Movies

    Which of Doom's films is the worst, Doom 2005 or Doom Annihilation
  19. Bubbleman100

    Doom Movies

    I did it, because I knew that if I asked "Which movie is better", there would be a lot of people saying "how come which is better, they both suck!"
  20. Bubbleman100

    Doom Movies

    damn bro
  21. Bubbleman100

    All games from id Software, in just one universe

    I heard somewhere that Billy Blaze is the Father of DoomGuy
  22. I wanted the Cyberdemon, the Icon Of Sin, to be scared and running around when they saw DoomGuy
  23. Bubbleman100

    Pistol Pickup

    Probably yes
  24. Bubbleman100

    The Id Software tv show is yet to be made

    I hope that the series is not canceled, I am crazy to be able to see