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  1. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Scoring the 'impossible' Secret on Industrial Zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FazNNJ2mco0 This is just a quick little demo of the method used by Zero Master to trigger scoring for the teleporter-booth secret on Doom II map 15, Industrial Zone. See the video description for more info. For anyone interested in messing around with the method yourself, the save-game file used at the beginning of the video is available from here. The save was created with original old-school Doom II v1.9, so it should work with that version, Chocolate Doom, or any sourceport capable of using Vanilla saves.
  2. Very cool, thank you. :)
  3. [Edit: Comments are up now, thanks!] Welcome atroche. :) I had originally posted the comment below on your video page, but it might've been routed to the spam folder (youtube.com/comments -> Likely spam tab) because of the links. If it was removed for some other reason, I apologize. O:) Anyway: Interesting, thanks for uploading this. For anyone looking for the actual demo file, it's still available on BahdKo's site. It's part of a .zip file containing 3 Deathmatch sessions between Galiu and BahdKo, recorded in summer 1997 according to the accompanying text. The details: http://www.doom2.net/doom2/textfiles/galiu341.txt The zip file: http://www.doom2.net/doom2/lmps/Galiu341.zip The demo shown in this video is gal02.lmp. It should work with original old DOS Doom II version 1.9, and with any fully compatible ('Vanilla' compatible) modern source port when using the v1.9 doom2.wad file. I usually use PrBoom+ when not playing the game in a DOS environment. A nice thing about old-school multiplayer demo files like these is that they record all players simultaneously. As such, you can change the playback perspective from player to player if you wish. Tap F12 to do this in original PC Doom II, PrBoom+ and some other ports.
  4. Sorry for the bump, but someone recently emailed to ask the same thing; and since I wasn't 100% sure, I Googled around and found the unanswered question above. Anyway, as far as I know it's an oversight, and there's no deliberately designed way to get back there. As stated above the normal access route was removed, and after spending time searching for other paths (including hidden or re-purposed teleport lines, switches, or impact-activated panels), I've come up empty. But without the map data itself handy, I can't guarantee the answer. If anyone does know for sure (Kaiser?), a confirmation one way or another would be welcome. Cheers :)
  5. Ledmeister

    Par Times for the Master Levels

    Thanks for the input, dew, much appreciated; and sorry to all for my delays in responses here. Okay, I'll post something there this week. Thanks. :)
  6. Ledmeister

    Par Times for the Master Levels

    Of course. :) I was just wondering if there's any way to de-arbitrary it a little. I think a step in that direction, barring access to Romero and a time machine, would be to find a runner who has proven expertise at the game, can give attention to detail and applicable rules, and who knows the maps well. (You've demonstrated those qualities in the past, so I'd value your run times over those of a million Joe Shmoes.) I'm hopeful the bulk of the Doom community would agree with that philosophy, at least in principle. I'll PM the demo-forum mods and maybe a couple other guys to see if they have opinions or thoughts on a PT project and/or want to volunteer to establish run times themselves. I'll do a set of runs eventually if no one else volunteers.
  7. Ledmeister

    Par Times for the Master Levels

    Interesting idea. Are any available and willing? In that case I might suggest that only one author do the full set, if we're trying to keep it TWID, as John Romero did it for the full games*, including maps he didn't author. If two or more authors want to do full-set runs, the times for each level could be averaged. * Hm, I wonder if we could entice/bribe Romero to the ML map runs himself. :D
  8. Ledmeister

    Par Times for the Master Levels

    TWID-style ["The Way Id Did"] makes sense. To refresh everyone's memory (mine included): In addition to avoiding exploits, each level is from a pistol start at UV, and Kills, Items and Secrets are irrelevant, right? Next, how to pick the level runs/runner(s) to use. I'd suggest someone about as familiar with the ML maps as Romero was with the Doom / Doom II mapsets back in the day. Maybe this could be opened to the Community at large (or maybe just Compet-n and/or DSDA members?) for a limited time, and then average the resulting run times for each level...? Or maybe take a vote for one or more specific runners to do the 'official' DW runs. I'd volunteer myself, but my demo-making PC is out of commission and will be for while yet. Never_Again? (Or you, Gez? :) Who else?
  9. Ledmeister

    Par Times for the Master Levels

    Don't recall ever seeing an 'official' list of Par times for the Master Levels. Maybe it's up to Doomworld to establish one. Here's a baseline set of UV-Max runs to start with. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD961A52F665000DB These should be easy for a pro player to beat, as they're keyboard-only, include max Secrets and Items, and were played with the added goal of leaving with max health and armor. But, perhaps it's a possible jumping-off point for establishing a Doomworld-approved times list, or at least get a conversation started about how to determine one. Tally screen end times for these runs are: Attack: 4:12 Black Tower: 21:19 Bloodsea: 7:06 Canyon: 6:00 Catwalk: 5:45 Combine: 2:39 Fistula: 3:20 Garrison: 4:21 Geryon: 5:57 Manor: 7:24 Mephisto: 8:55 Minos: 6:54 Nessus: 2:30 Paradox: 6:33 Subspace: 2:29 Subterra: 4:59 TEETH (PC map 31): 9:34 Ttrap: 14:42 Vesperas: 7:29 Virgil: 3:58 TEETH/Bad Dream (PC map 32): 1:07
  10. Ledmeister

    Is Doom GBA worth it?

    Agreed. For Doom on the go, it's not so bad. But it is a slightly watered-down version of Atari Jaguar Doom, which is a way watered-down version of the PC game. GBA Doom II is a custom version and an impressive effort, but it's still stuck with the limitations of the system. As with GBA Doom the graphics and performance are so-so. Multiplayer is possible with both (cabled networking only), but gameplay is even chuggier. An alternative pocket-Doom choice: If you have an iPhone/iPod and don't mind touchscreen controls, try Doom Classic for iOS. Much better graphics, features, performance, etc. Also agree. I played the first few games in the series and enjoyed 'em all.
  11. Ledmeister

    Doom64 EX 2.4 Released

    If it's relatively easy to do, 960x720 please. But in any case, thanks for still working on Doom 64 EX in general. It has been and continues to be an awesome product.
  12. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Good guess. ;) It's in Doom Classic Complete, and the slot was indeed changed from 7 to 14.
  13. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Happy New Year, fellow Doomers.
  14. Ledmeister

    Finalizing PSN

    I LOL'd but actually miss those skies. What's this, bare-minimal effort put into a Doom re-release? Gotta sit down, the room is spinning. /s BTW, might've been mentioned already and I missed it, but Master Levels maps Trapped on Titan and Black Tower (maps 11, 19) are currently inaccessible in multiplayer games: Can't start on 'em, and they're skipped over when exiting the preceding maps in Co-op.
  15. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Hm, looks like the annotations get truncated in the YT player window here. Well, video looks best full-screen 720p anyway. :)
  16. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Xbox 360 Doom II: Cross-version Co-op test, Map 32 (desyncs)
  17. Ledmeister

    Are the iwads in Doom 3: BFG Edition Modified?

    I noticed that the Xbox360 Doom II versions (old XBLA, new BFG) allow online play between them. But the changes to enemies on maps 31 and 32 can cause co-op games to go out of sync.
  18. Ledmeister

    Sever the Wicked

    Playtesting the secrets was evidently not a priority in the 4th Episode. In addition to the problems on E4M3, it can also be tricky or impossible to get credit for discovering secrets on E4M1 and E4M7.
  19. Ledmeister

    Real Resolution of Doom on Xbox 360?

    The sprites and textures in this port are generally the same as they were in the oldest commercial PC Doom games. In both cases each sprite basically appears as a fixed number of colored, sharp-edged squares or blocks, and all these blocks are scaled larger as they get closer to your character, and smaller as they get farther away. When they get far enough away, there's not space left to include all of the scalable blocks and still draw the sprite/texture at the correct size. At that point some blocks are sacrificed or overlapped, and the image begins to lose complexity. The Xbox360 port provides more pixels on the screen for your POV than the original PC games did, and this larger canvas means the sprites/textures can maintain more of their complexity at greater distances. As such, objects and textures here tend to look better at medium and long range than they did in the old PC games, even though they're both using the same artwork.
  20. Ledmeister

    e2m1 (and Commander Keen)

    Wait you guys finished Wolfenstein 3D already? Damn I'm behind...
  21. Ledmeister

    Doom barrel bug strikes again.

    If anyone's interested, here's some examples of the barrel bug in v1.9 vanilla Doom games: Imps fight each other Baron fight Cacodemon fight 1, 2 Revenant fight in Final Doom And some examples of an earlier version of the bug, where monsters can even attack themselves: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEC0372C361BD8FDE
  22. Ledmeister

    Doom GLES

    It's OK to charge for Doom-engine ports? Is ID getting a slice?
  23. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Yah I didn't bother checking many third-party PC source ports; I'm mostly just referring to the commercially sold/licensed products. :)
  24. Ledmeister

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    The 'Crusher Crash', a Doom II bug that affects most platforms.
  25. Ledmeister

    Odd corpse behavior

    Your own corpse in the game can act weird, youtube.com/watch?v=wSGCTndjYgY&hd=1]too. :)