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  1. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Jeeze, thanks elend. I do intend on doing more and eventually doing some kind of pack, although I'm relatively new to this kind of stuff so I'm learning/unlearning things all the time, and also just kinda following where my interests are taking me. So if/when I feel like I have a body of work that proves versatile enough, either themed or a my-first-pack type wad, I will do so! That said, if anybody sees something I post and maybe want to see variations or extentions, etc, ping me :+) (or of course, jam away ;]) In the mean time, here's some stuff I've done over the past couple days:
  2. kwc

    Need some advice for my next wad

    Some resources: Offsite links:
  3. kwc

    The Absolute WORST Doom Game EVER

    Infighting, neat. I don't know why you have to dunk on what appears to be a cool hobbyist exercise. While it's sluggish and not exactly fun to play, there are some clever and creative things going on here, it's clear there was quite a bit of thought put into this. I particularly enjoy seeing the scaled down versions of the monsters to indicate distance, having to be drawn(typed) multiple times.
  4. kwc

    The Doom Midi Repository - beta "release"

    I've been making music for years and recently have been toying around with Anvil Studio, hopefully I will have something decent to contribute in the near future. I have to give you midi guys props because this workflow is something else.. wow.
  5. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Messing around with using convolution matrix effects on doom textures in order to create comparable materials in which to overlay other things on top. Not perfect but it will streamline the process, a lot easier than copy/paste pixel pushing (that said, with the top right and bottom middle ones, I just went ahead and did just that. Have you checked out this?
  6. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Green & Grey... Getting a handle on engraving, angles are still a pain. Edited the Heretic brick overlay texture to have a stronger resemblance to Doom's typical stone material.
  7. kwc

    Doom 64 GamePro CD

    The monsters were 3D rendered and then turned into 2D sprites, not unlike Donkey Kong Country.
  8. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    More from today, getting started on wall textures, experimenting with overlaying Heretic/Hexen wall patterns over Doom's materials. Raven's cartoonish style seems to somewhat melt away with some shading and bumpmapping. I use this when uploading a bunch of textures so that they don't stack horizontally in the thread, proves useful for informal texture sharing. edit: bonus stone walls
  9. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some more fun with the reimagined heretic flats, the grate ones tile a bit funny so I will get working on that again soon. Been running into a bit of difficulty with making convincing engravings, especially with angled designs, anybody have any pointers? edit: some bonus ones from inspired by hexen..
  10. kwc

    What's your best Doom memory ?

    Playing Doom on my dad's office computer with the sound off and jazz music on the radio because it made it less scary.
  11. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    In the interim, I've been working on making a doom-style textureset inspired by the textures in Heretic, here's some flats that I feel are alright. Stuck pretty close to the odd, imperfect shapes of the brick textures. The wood/rust ones make some really nice ceilings, and the weird black/green/brown one looks better than I expected in-game.
  12. Kinda disappointed that you didn't turn out to own a Doom toaster or something.
  13. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Pretty excited. I've been messing about with trying to work with different PBR techniques and I've run across two really decent (free) programs, Modlab & SpriteIlluminator. I'm still getting the swing of things, but playing around with them can bring some interesting results.. So far the results seem promising, another step may be to figure out how to emulate doom's colormap when doing this sort of thing. Am I correct in assuming that most doom iwad textures have lighting come from above and slightly to the left? These are both rough tests, but I would welcome feedback or tips, this is a lot of fun.
  14. It's worth mentioning that the midi for the map is an adaptation of a black metal song, which can be a very depressive genre. @Dragonfly & @ukiro, this is an intriguing question and now I'm curious, are you able to share anything about the map, communicating abstract things through level design/environment/music?
  15. From a more generalized perspective, I think it's a matter of scope vs capability. Those effects-heavy, grandiose TCs and gameplay mods aren't exactly a breeze to put together independently or within a small team (unpaid notwithstanding), I imagine especially so if you are digging into scripting/coding something that you are incapable of referencing through existing shared code. There are a lot of different tasks at hand (scripting, wad/pk3 management, graphics, mapping etc) and likely a number of ways to make things "work", and depending on how skilled you are in whichever task you are trying to achieve, you may be just happy that it's functioning at all and/or unaware that there is a better, more elegant solution.