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  1. kwc

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Pinkies look like they taste like bologna to me.
  2. This one had me in tears. Additionally, Jello Biafra’s albums used to have constant rotation when I was working a factory job. I find that a some of what he says is a bit out-of-touch now, but his sharp wit and cyncism was pretty uplifting when I felt like I was under the world’s boot.
  3. kwc

    John Carmack podcast

    What an enjoyable interview. Like @Biodegradable said, it was great to hear John go off on those topics so enthusiastically, he was really affirmative in how he expressed his opinions and perspectives as well. The host was also really really competent in both keeping up with the subjects at hand and in how he guided the conversation. Great share @holaareola!
  4. A couple of those rooms have light switches that can be toggled on/off, if that’s what you mean. I plan on trying to keep it consistent so that there is stuff to fiddle with in every area. Don’t give me ideas! ;p
  5. Mostly-finished areas from Map 01 of Escape from Slime City :^) Bonus barely started stuff:
  6. kwc


    I can tell most of you haven't played this because you all refuse to cut it out.
  7. kwc

    DBP50: Emerald City [RC1.2]

    I have been looking forward to this one! :) Cheers and congrats on this month's project. Edit: 5 minutes in... tf.. how- I'm in love.
  8. kwc

    Question about Power Ups

    This sounds like something you can achieve with DeHackEd :) Here's a quick screenie of the default misc stuff that can be tweaked in WhackEd: I think you can bump up "Maximum Health" and "Maximum Soulsphere Health" to 999 and it may give you the results you are lookin for.
  9. kwc

    The Doom pistol is great, actually

    The pistol is good because its bad, huh? This is an interesting position to hold because one can file pretty much any complaint about the pistol as evidence to it's effectiveness. Nice grift ;)
  10. kwc

    Doomworld and Launchbox a beautiful marriage!!!

    Seems like something that could be easily templated for photoshop/gimp, the result being as simple as plugging in some custom art related to the wad/whatever to the base Doom 1/2 box art. Neat :p
  11. kwc

    Various Doom logos?

    This question comes up every once and a while and while the similarities between logo designs is interesting, personally I doubt it. At least not consciously. It's funny though, in both respective communities you will occasionally see people stylize it in text as "DooM".
  12. For the purpose of being an insufferable pedant I would like to point out that was probably Vrack2-BiggestEver.
  13. kwc

    Monster design changes

    I didn't make a mistake. That is a retcon from Super Mario 3D World. Up until that point, including the conceptualization of the design, it was not called a "goloomba". In fact, that information is even in the wiki you linked to me. Ugh, this is getting really sidetracked by banal bullshit.