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  1. kwc

    What are your creative crutches?

    New textures. My levels tend to be pretty representative, and Doom’s vanilla textures don’t cut it for me. I have tried on numerous occasions and the creativity doesn't spark the same way if my texture palette isn’t themed and various.
  2. I really like this point of view. I feel like some exploits can be responded to like desire lines. It’s honestly quite of a gift to catch an exploit or sequence-break or softlock, in addition to catching a potential flaw in a level’s design; you can potentially find avenues of movement that are intuitive to the player. Case by case, naturally. In response to OP, I definitely try the plausible jump or item grab when the opportunity clearly presents itself. Sometimes I try it out of morbid curiosity when I feel it’s clearly unintentional. Sometimes I don’t bother if I feel like it’s not worth the effort or my time. At it’s best it feels like a different layer of conquering the space as opposed to killing a room of enemies, though.
  3. Way to go @jo2ukegappy, this is a cool resource for beginners, hope to see you expand upon it as you grow as a mapper yourself, I'm sure you're aware how this perspective can help. I'm impressed with your enthusiasm and productivity, +1 to you :) Make sure to include that cool ruler of yours when if/when you talk about level metrics. If I could find metrics.txt by Scott Ampoker, I'd share it. This LINK appears to be a breakdown of relevant metrics and may be a helpful resource.
  4. Romero's guidelines are, well, guidelines. You can map however you please and diverge from them whenever and however you'd like to. There are a lot of approaches to design but ultimately they are just based off of an individual's success or bias toward them, they will help you get as far as you find them useful, eventually you need to carve your own approach. Be wary of people telling you the "right way" to do things, it helps to understand what design challenges are actually being addressed with these methods rather than faithfully following solutions. There is nothing stopping you from building iteratively and then returning to polish older sections later (you probably should be doing this anyway). Adding additional levels to any game is going to increase the workload exponentially for reasons like this. Main takeaway is to design the way you feel comfortable, try not to get paralyzed by the potential that something may not be perfect, because it never will be. The best anyone of us can do is have our projects be done. If you want actionable advice... Judging from what you said in the OP, I'd suggest plotting a progression scheme in a document or on paper first, timebox it, and then move forward. You shouldn't expect yourself to adhere to your initial design plans ever, as you and your project will grow during development. It will always be messy and feel sloppy or broken when you're in the middle of it and plans will and should change as you move forward.
  5. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Dug through some of my folders and found stuff to share. I did some edits of Take No Prisoner's poster textures games/jokes The "frames" in case you wanna make your own a cute arcade flat Arcade cabinets: Doom/Dumb: Frogger/Fragger: Pacman/Cacoman: Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3: Heretic: NUTS.WAD Pieces of the Cabinet: Sector/Midtex arrangement reference: Bonus unaltered version of Cacoman :^)
  6. kwc

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It's a google search away
  7. I think you didn't check the bool to use ammo on one of your A_FireProjectile's for the primary fire. take a look here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/A_FireProjectile
  8. kwc

    Status Bar

    Do you know where the screenshot came from?
  9. @Tangra Hey man, sorry for hurting your feelings with my post. You can DM me if you wanna talk it out instead of derailing the thread.
  10. Neat, that does tie the premise together with the gameplay. Don't let a dusty quote or dogmatic reductionism discourage you from enjoying doom for it's narrative qualities or from talking about it on a doom forum ;P
  11. kwc

    Does this site have a rules list?????

    Additionally, there’s a 5 question mark limit per question. I see you like to live dangerously.
  12. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    Making width variants isn’t a poor idea, however the 256x128 version looks fine to me. Have you tried looking at it in-engine, though? Might be worth keeping aspect ratio correction in mind, the texture will inevitably end up stretched 1.2x vertically when viewed in game. The only thing I’d suggest considering is the shape of some of those rivets and if the door faces being stretched is acceptable for you. Aside from that my only crit is, while I think the bold outlining you tend to do with textures is distinct, I can’t help but notice there isn’t much in the way of directional light (edges being lighter on the top and a bit on the left as well). Is this an intentional design choice? I think a lighting pass on these textures would help them complement the base textures and potentially other textures, allowing for more use cases.
  13. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    you can post your pack on idgames archive and if you feel like reaching out to Afterglow you can ask to have your pack posted here! You’ve been on quite a tear, excited to see the full thing. Maybe you can host a little map jam to have people test em out. I can imagine some wild maps with those bright colours and bold lines.
  14. kwc

    Post your Doom textures!

    This thread has been on fire lately, all these submissions have been great :)