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  1. kwc

    Thoughts? [on animation]

    Looking cool so far! You should check out the sprite thread, you may get some detailed feedback by other sprite artists there:
  2. kwc

    Nobody likes Lost souls.

    I like them, they are fun to punch with berserk.
  3. I'm gonna be that guy, but you oughta take a look at the copyright/permissions/credits sections of the resource packs you poached for this and consider including credits in/with your .wad
  4. kwc

    What is a game you play a lot except Doom?

    SkaterXL has been taking a lot of my time lately, very active modding community and a very freeform type of game.
  5. Some more selective screens from my ever-in-progress THPS-themed concert map: Derelict skate shop where players will be able to conveniently stock up on weapons/ammo. The road + buildings circle the perimeter of the map space, still trying to think of different "diy" skate structures that can fill out these roads. (hmu with tips if you got any) This was the very first "setpiece", or like, prop-laden area that I made when I started this, so I inevitably always like taking shots of it. Outside the warehouse, as you can tell I like trash cans and dumpsters. Just finished the layout of this basketball court, will probably add some "skateable" ramps and rails, maybe some overturned basketball hoops. Inside the warehouse, heavily themed on the first level of THPS1. Mostly complete but I got to get working on that secret tape area, still find 3D floors a bit intimidating though so I'll have to sketch the layout first. Very unfinished concert stage area, idea is that the road gives way or crumbles into this sort of DIY concert space, still have about a month to flesh it out though. The samplers/synths will likely become useable surfaces that trigger some particle effects, if time allows.
  6. kwc

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    This really hit the spot for me. The humour, enemy variety, music, sfx (dusk!), thoughtful level design, clever and tempered use of extended zdoom features. Fantastic work to you guys at dBk, I'll be eagerly waiting the next one of these.
  7. kwc

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A Three Musketeers Ball point pen A comb Pint of Old Harper A couple of flashlight batteries Beef jerky
  8. kwc

    Audacity Is Spying On You Now

    Thanks for the heads up @Biodegradable, sad to see this happen to such a foundational piece of free software :/ Just grabbed the unlicensed version, this is pretty sweet, might consider using this even if I end up grabbing an older build of audacity. On a side-note, you got any hot leads on some synth vsts? I've been digging a bit more outside the realm of my typical Juno-clone bubble and figure you might know some good stuff.
  9. kwc

    Find out what all the BUZZ is about!

    I could see how it may be good, although Pizza Nova's sauce is already sweet enough, might compound in a funny way. That said, I'm a bit biased toward odd sweet/salty type stuff. I regularly order my "stinky pizza" (from the Walmart of pizza joints, Pizza Pizza), Sweet Chili sauce, goat + feta cheese, and garlic/pepper seasoning. For added wackiness, go nuts with the garlic dipping sauce. I suggest giving it a shot @[McD]James, at the very least you'll know no one will be asking you for a slice.
  10. kwc

    What color is your doomguy?

  11. kwc

    "DOOM.CMD" map idea generator

    I love these http://vectorpoem.com/doom_oblique/
  12. Super gross and dirty version of my local skatepark nearly completed, just got to make some adjustments to those curbs for alignment and to match the rest of the park's color temp. A lot of fun putting these textures together.
  13. To continue on this weird tangent, I think it's pretty exciting to see what challenges AI-generated anything will throw at people. I think it will be a bit confusing at first but it will be very very interesting to see how it will influence actual artists' approach to their mediums respectively. I doubt things will ever be truly seamless between the two, I think it will bring forward nuances not-yet-recognized and from there the approaches toward design may shift.
  14. kwc

    here is a debate