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  1. GCSE being the qualifications for British secondary school students at the age of 16 and such.

    English Language - A
    English Literature - B
    ICT (Computators) - B
    Maths - C
    Religious Studies - C
    Drama - C
    Geography - C
    Spanish - D
    Double Science - DD

    Family tradition to suck at science. Everyone in my family usually gets D's or below :P

    So not too bad for GCSE results, I passed after all :P (5 C's and above = pass)

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    2. Bucket


      insertwackynamehere said:

      It's just a thing I say. You have to appreciate how it rolls off the tongue.

    3. TawmDee


      Religious Studies is kinda obvious, isn't it? Study aspects of Christianity and Judaism (lol bagels)

      I forgot why I took Religious Studies.
      It was kinda interesting except not, at the same time, and still pretty fucking solid (it was hard.)

      But then again... A grades a grade :P

    4. Epyo


      That is the awesomest image I have ever seen on the internets.