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  1. Youve seen the 1001 threads before.
    Now its the 1001 Doom Catch phrases.
    Ill start off.
    1.I bet you a Frag!
    2.Good lord what kind of mapping level are you on,i can hardly read this!

    Next please.

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    2. zark


      ShadowRunner said:

      Bahh..Cant you guys have some fun!!!

      Fun? Fun would imply there would be some kind of enjoyement had out of listing the "1001 Doom Catch Phrases". Inserting a large spiky object into my rectum sounds far more "fun" than this.

    3. fraggle


      ShadowRunner said:

      Youve seen the 1001 threads before.

      in here?

    4. Coopersville


      "...He's just standing there..."

      Here comes the night train!