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  1. Ahem,Just a few days ago it came to my attention someone tryed to im me by displaying weird fonts,breaking thru the Accept message,and trying to force connect me and recieve files.
    I stopped using Xblackdagger89X

    Just today i added the new screename i was using which was Xdoomgod89X to my Vbhome.

    Just 5 minutes ago,he Struck again.

    Every time this happened,Aim would crash.
    Ive scanned my computer and found nothing wrong.

    I believe its someone from Doomworld.
    Someone around heres going around trying to Infect me(Maybe others) without us knowing who it is.

    Ive only gotten a short glance of his name which has XH3xor(something something)

    People,if this has happened to you,No matter what instant messanging service,Let me and the others around you know before he strikes again.

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    2. Danarchy
    3. BlackFish


      Ralphis said:

      Prank thing

      - Ralphjis

      I smell a shadowrunner'ed version of what happend a year ago.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      BlackFish said:

      I smell a shadowrunner'ed version of what happend a year ago.

      Yeah, he's the new you.