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  1. My friend at school was talking about Aod2 in production with Bruce Campbell in it. I dont know if this is true but would kick ass as I just recently watched Ed2 and Aod yesterday for the first time(slow I am).

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    2. Danarchy


      Psyonisis said:

      Bruce Campbell's next starring role will be in a movie called Bubba Ho-tep (site). I saw a preview for it while at the local artsy theatre, and everyone in the audience produced an audible gasp when his name was mentioned on the screen. Watch the trailer, it looks hilarious!

      WTF, I could have sworn that came out a year ago.

    3. Job


      Danarchy said:

      WTF, I could have sworn that came out a year ago.

      It did. However, it didn't have a particular open release day in all public theaters. Instead, it moves around the country showing at various theaters at various times.

    4. ShadowRunner


      Well thats kinda confusing and weird for a movie to do that, although i cant find a date for it in Orlando.