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  1. That's right, I'm leaving!

    Over the past 5/6 months I've recieved nothing but crap from you people.I turned out to look like a joke,admins seem to like to fuck with me. That just ain't right Imo.I've tried releasing maps, and getting some bad comments in the end.I will never be a successful mapper,I will never be a respected member according to more than half of you.I could enjoy myself on a Half life server then take crap from most of the morons like:Ralphis, UltraViolet, Ubik, BlackFish, DoomBoy as the bastard he is,and alot of the assholes in my right mind who treated me like complete dog shit.I honestly do not feel like I should stick around anymore because of this and you people will just never learn to respect me.What the hell am I supposed to do? I don't know, you tell me.I'm not thinking twice about this and don't try to stop me either.Goodbye and have a nice life in hell.

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    2. Ralphis


      Let's see now...

        Cacodemon Leader
        Skunkboy Kyle
      Great, only three left

    3. læmænt



    4. Cyb


      For this idiotic act of melodramaticism you're banned, SR. Enjoy!

  2. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    Can someone explain this to me? I uploaded some custom flats, and ever single one of them displays just like that.
  3. ShadowRunner

    newproject: RPG/Adventure TechnoHorror

    English mother fucker, do you speak it?
  4. ShadowRunner

    newproject: RPG/Adventure TechnoHorror

    Nightmare cleared that up for me. Thanks Nightmare.
  5. ShadowRunner

    videogame violence

    Grand theft auto 3 and Vice city. I'm not allowed to buy them but I'm allowed to play them.
  6. ShadowRunner

    Another greatest game poll!

    Earthbound, I still have that for SNES. I never beat it(turns on snes to see if I can).
  7. ShadowRunner

    Vote Now for your favorite Action Ad!

    How'd you make it anyways?
  8. ShadowRunner

    Deimos LabsII:Invasion

    As some of you may know i've been working on a E2m4 replacement for Doom. Deimos labs is my favorite original level from Doom and i felt it didnt really feel right with all those weird vines and red everywhere, it was just plain ugly at that point. Edit:My map is 65% done btw. This is not a retro level either. Heres some screens for you guys to judge. Keep in mind my map is still in progress, under some detail addition/modification. To answer your questions read below. Q1.This looks nothing like the original, why is that? A1.Because its not a retro level and is basically a suped up remake. Q2.Whats marble and blood doing in a lab map? A2.Episode 2 contains alot of this and decided to have a turning point in the map that is basically a loop between the tech and marble. Q3.Is that a crossbeam in shot4 and 5? A3.Yes. Q4.When can we expect this to be done? A4.If all goes well, probably this weekend. Any other questions that needed to be answered let me know. And post your comments please!!!
  9. ShadowRunner

    Official Action DooM T-Shirt Giveaway!

    Holy shit DA, Did you really post those signs around your school or w/e building it was?
  10. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    It was a error with the names, and i didn't manually save them as flat, so they all werent doom flatted properly. And Cyber-Menace, I know the diffrence between a Good wad and a bad wad, so please don't make remarks like that again.
  11. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    Well heres how the final results look.
  12. ShadowRunner

    Deimos LabsII:Invasion

    Dude i'm seriously working on something this time. Don't believe me? It may not seem like much but why don't you tell everyone what you've seen since your allready a beta tester.
  13. ShadowRunner

    Now where did this come from...?

    Actually, There are some good movie-game translations that are pretty good. Super mario brothers was pretty cool simply cause they picked the right people to cast in the movie. Tron really amazed me the most. Was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles originally a movie, or did it first become a comic, then game, then movie? That is the best comic-videogame-movie translation ever!
  14. Wtf is with Elementry kids getting bossed around like that. Shit man I remember when i was 8 we were allowed to say Damn, and hell w/o getting in trouble. This was my last year in New York till I moved to the fucked up state known as Florida. Man I feel sorry for those little kids who get suspended for playing cops and robbers, I mean WTF is the teacher's problem!? Are you gonna arrest me in public for walking outside, pointing my fingers at someone in the shape of a gun, and saying Freeze? They can't because I'm 14 and it's public. If it were a real gun yes they can, but seriously, Elementry school has gone through more changes than I thought. Next thing you know, you talk and you get suspended because your stopping others from learning. This is goddamn bullshit!
  15. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    Frades, you da man. It works now.
  16. ShadowRunner

    Scripted marine path nodes help.

    Ooh that really hurt.
  17. ShadowRunner

    Scripted marine path nodes help.

    I'm a bit lost and can't seem to find help about this at zdoom.org But i've got about a couple of scripted marine objects on my map, Well i want to give them a custom color, some actions, and see how it goes from there. The only problem is I can't find help or tutorials about this in the editing section at the zdoom website. Someone help.
  18. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    God damn it, it's still doing it after I did that. If someone wants to check the wad out itself, pm me as I don't want none of that OMFG this is Gauntlet Doom? IT SUCKS crap as it's still in it's alpha stage.
  19. ShadowRunner

    Best DooM remixes I've heard!

    http://www.kinkiness.de/doom.html This guy from Germany created these Doom Remixes. Well holy shit, time to put these to use in a wad.
  20. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    Well here's something strange.
  21. ShadowRunner

    Wtf happened with my flats?

    Ichor, i'm fixing it. And yeah i uploaded those flats in 64X64 floor format inside the F_lumps.
  22. ShadowRunner

    Official Action DooM T-Shirt Giveaway!

    Cyb's entry is the coolest I've seen yet.
  23. ShadowRunner

    newproject: RPG/Adventure TechnoHorror

    Hey people, I don't act so newbish that much so keep that in mind. If I were from October '03, I'd probably say this: OMFG ELMO THTS TEH COOLS1 SCRESNIES EVA!!!
  24. ShadowRunner

    Level of Experience in Doom.

    It's Zdoom only dude.
  25. ShadowRunner

    Level of Experience in Doom.

    Aight Cyber: Here's my little review. Map21:DTCA When I first began in space on a hell portal it was cool. But this map is a little bit hard even for Doom Veterans. You gotta worry about not falling and not getting shot at the same time which can be a bitch, not to mention i had to use IDDQD halfway through the game but it's a beta test so I can't say there's nothing wrong with it, it's supposed to help you fix up some stuff. My thought about wood in space: How is that possible? I would recommend changing the wood textures and flats to some metal stuff. This level felt like a Rpg: Kinda like a Final Fantasy 2 or 3 area. The music also reminded of oldschool rpg's from the Super Nintendo which I really like. The map's design, detail, and lighting is pretty good, but could be a bit better in the final version in my opinion. I'm not saying this map is bad, I frankly think it's pretty good, the scripting is unique and flexiable, and this level is surely to rise the shit I gotta run and backtrack for health and ammo which not many mappers go for. I'll give this map a 4/5. Keep up the good work.