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  1. PotatoExMachina

    How do I set up a GZDoom Multiplayer Mod session?

    Okay, I think I'm understanding why you said/typed that first sentence. My friend isn't able to join me, even after I have the hostname and IP right. We have the right GZDoom version (4.5.0), we have the correct PWAD (we were going to test with Reelism Gold and that PWAD alone), but we always end up with the same results: Waiting for players and Contacting Host. We were thinking of using a VPN, but even that's confusing. I know Hamachi is a good choice, but I'm confused about how that works. The same goes with the port setting. What else can we do?
  2. PotatoExMachina

    How do I set up a GZDoom Multiplayer Mod session?

    it's seriously that easy? damn, I must've been overlooking ZDL then. I'll take your good word for it! thank you for the help!
  3. A friend and I wanted to play Hideous Destructor for GZDoom, but we've been having problems trying to actually set up the multiplayer server. I've read an article on ZDoom Forums and the ZDoom Wiki on how to set a server up, but it seems confusing to both of us. We were wondering if the guys and gals here at DoomWorld can help us out? Thanks for any help that is given.