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  1. yeah the doom64 was actually doom 64 for doom 2 i also posted on the thread of doom64 for doom 2 https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-and-doom-ii-gameplay-mod-by-nixos
  2. this is my last update to the mod ^^
  3. nayoz

    Best Engine for all DOOM WADs

    i would use gzdoom and eventually mod the wads to make them compatible with gzdoom :P
  4. nayoz


    i solved the problem by modding the changes i wanted into the game, thanks to gzdoom accessibility. it took me about 9 months O_o, but i can say i am about 99% satisfied of what i have now :P
  5. nayoz

    When to Pistol Start?

    they can pry the weapons and ammos i earned from my cold dead hands :D
  6. finally, i was able to make a mod that adds the Unmaker ^^ (from doom64rtr) and the Soul Cube Unmaker has 5% chance to drop when a barrel is destroyed, only 1 unmaker can drop each level. My version consumes only 2 ammo, has penetrating shots (+RIPPER) that gib on death... it is already upgraded to full once acquired, shoots 2 lasers in the center (it does appear as one) and 2 moving lasers (when fire button is held) 1 moving laser per side. The weapon adds 40 Cells. Soulcube charges up with 100 points, all monsters provide 1 soul, except cyberdemon which gives 5, it can restore player life up to 200hp max while damaging monsters, it bounces and it homes for nearby monster to butcher, it takes some time to kill strong monsters. here are the files + a .bat and .lnk with the parameter used to load the mod (which is made by 3 different files) https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-and-doom-ii-gameplay-mod-by-nixos --------- edit: i finally finished the mappack... nice levels, but a bit too much cervellotic... i appreciated that there is a miniature of another room nearby a switch, and you see in real time what happens to the real room after the switch is pressed... unfortunately sometimes those things do not exist and players can end up wandering inside the level cluelessy levels tend to be huge compared to the typical doom1 levels, and even more time intensive than doom2 levels as a matter of preference i liked doom zero, hell 2 pay, perdition's gate more than doom64 still doom64 is better than master levels and doom 2. my score: 1)doom zero, hell to pay, perdition's gate 2)no rest for the living, the lost episodes, doom ultimate 3)sigil, doom64 4)doom 2, master levels
  7. thanks for the answer... i didn't know about the limitation of vanilla doom, whoever made gzdoom/zdoom really made things easier to expand :D i just got a crazy idea... maybe i could make a mod to add the unmaker with an acs script at level start, this way it could be used not only on these maps, but on all maps when my mod would be loaded... i am thinking about reusing the code of powered heretic xbow for the 5 shots in an arc, taking the graphic of unmaker from a mod, the sound and projectile graphic from another, adding an acs code to make the weapon automatically replenish its ammo 5 each 6 seconds and use a different ammo type... not sure if i will pull it off, but then i would be able to finish to play these maps with my version of unmaker:D of course if in the next years i will find the lost level maps redone by the community i will play those too, for now there is a huge quantity of player made levels of every kind accumulated for more than 15 years...
  8. thanks, 1 question since you worked on this project: were you able to add the unmaker ? i am a bit confused about outpost omega, as i never played that map before and can't be sure if something is missing or i simply skipped it: i found no trace of unmaker and the 1st demon key.
  9. no problem, the different graphic + exclusive d2 monsters makes this an artistic re-imagination of doom 64 (maybe the exact amount of barrels in the exact places could have been used if it wasn't an issue, but is not absolutely necessary)
  10. interesting concept: you have the same maps as doom64, but with more monster types... the only thing i didn't understand: why did you have to sacrifice the spider mastermind monster for the mother queen monster ? couldn't you use the ss soldier ? or no monster replaced at all ? i red some of the text of this thread, it seems the project is a concerted effort of many people, took many years, stagnated but at some point it has been completed.
  11. nayoz

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    i like jump and crouch :D also i like gzdoom hd filters and easy moddability
  12. nayoz

    doom the lost episodes fix

    here are the rest of the files: Doom I, The Lost Episodes everything except the pdf book.zip edit: you need doom2.wad and gzdoom to play this.
  13. nayoz

    doom the lost episodes fix

    Doom I, The Lost Episodes on page 107 of the pdf included you see the map with a problem: e2m1 there are, on the center top portion of the map, two rooms (one holds a bfg, the other a cell ammo pack). those two rooms are bugged: you can barely get in, you are trapped stuck once inside using gzdoom sourceport i downloaded doom builder 2 and did a quick edit, moving some vetices by 8 units to make the openings wider, while keeping symmetry. you can find here: the main game, the 2.1 fix made by bluefirez88 which includes fixes and a 4th episode, my fix which is the modded e2m1 map, a .lnk and a .bat file with correct command line to load the gzdoom.exe with all settings, and the original book (in pdf format) which was sold with the floppy disks (it has a walkthrough for the first 3 episodes) Doom_I,_The_Lost_Episodes_pdf_book.7z
  14. nayoz

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    i tried to add my gameplay rebalance to your mod, i didn't release anything since i am doing a second pass on the doom/doom2 version ^^, also thanks to your port i tried doom 64 and found the nightmare imp and i made a version for the standard game... every spectre spawn point now has 50% chance to spawn a spectre and 50% chance to spawn a nightmare imp...