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  1. Smouths

    opinions on breaking bad

    Been the better half of a decade now since I watched it, but from what I remember- -it got much better towards the end of S2 when it really started to depart from the "how's the gang gonna get out of THIS ONE?? (by the end of the episode)" formula. -I didn't really like how it depicted drug users. -Most of the main characters were acted brilliantly. Probably worth watching if you can stomach something depressing/frequently violent.
  2. Smouths

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    The bright/frequently-untextured polys, the loud sfx and announcers (sometimes you could even hear them over the rest of the machines...) I dunno, maybe they just played well with my ADHD, but I really liked the bombastic tone/presentation of a lot of those games XD
  3. Smouths

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    I kinda grew up playing NES, 2600, and downloads from DOS abandonware sites, so my tastes kinda skew way older than they should. Totally adored late 70s and early 80s arcade games. Space War was great if you could convince someone to play it with you. Battlezone and Star Wars Arcade were fantastic. Loved Discs of Tron. Spent an embarassing number of hours with Pacman and Donkey Kong 2600, lol. Far from the oldest, but did anyone else play Cybersled? Nothing was cooler to me as a kid than the fully decked out vehicle-cabinets.
  4. Smouths

    I made my own fidget spinners

    They spin when you fidget with them, seems about right 👍
  5. Smouths

    Do you destroy all the explosive barrels or leave them?

    Now that I've played No End In Sight, I usually leave them until I'm extra sure they aren't going to be important later.
  6. Smouths

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    I really liked the weapon designs in Unreal Tournament 3, come to think of it. Kinda surprised nobody's mentioned Rise of the Triad's various missile launchers yet though.
  7. Smouths

    Your Preferred Food?

    Tofu sandwiches for lunch at work, rolled oats as though they were grain bowls, and vegetable purée porridges lately. I cook most of my food in a microwave, lol.
  8. Ah, so many great songs to pick- tbh, I doubt I'd have quite the same love of music if it weren't for some of my favorite wads' soundtracks. Despite that, the first thing I remembered when I saw this thread was Haddaway's "What is Love?" playing in the Doom Legacy version of DSV4 by Kaiser, so... welp.
  9. Agreed on finite actor height. Seriously, maps usually aren't designed with infinitely tall characters in mind, and even the stock-levels poorly accounted for them. Still feel like I'm cheezing everytime I soar over a mass of imps or pinkies though.
  10. Smouths

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Goodwill had this rice cooker a few weeks ago for $8 USD, so I snagged it. Works pretty well! Still easier to just microwave a bowl of oats to get my grains in though, so that's mostly what I've been doing. Also pictured: some oats.
  11. Smouths

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    ,:| I didn't mention the SOD packs- but in those, the guns (and dogs?) were made blue and the uniforms were turned a more realistic grey, right? Which is also hilarious, 'cuz it feels like you're taking on the Nazis with water-guns XD Wait, didn't they also turn the brown guards lime-green? I need to replay those, can't remember actually completing them.
  12. Smouths

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    The blue uniform is completely hilarious looking. Not knowing about Wolf3d until I was a bit older, I thought the SS guys in Doom 2's secret maps were evil human-sized action-figures when I first found them as a kid, lol.
  13. I mean, Remedy delivered pretty solidly with Control, and the Alan Wake remaster supposedly turned out well, so it'll probably be alright- though I'd personally settle for/maybe prefer a decent modern port of the originals with some quality-of-life enhancements. Cautious subdued-optimism?
  14. Smouths

    get anything cool for christmas?

    Got an import pack of my favorite candy bars (Violet Crumble!) and someone got me a download code for the Switch port of Doom Eternal. Unfortunately I have to wait until I'm not snowed in to go someplace with better wifi to download it, but eh. Still excited!
  15. Smouths

    What is Your Job/Career?

    Barista at a coffee kiosk in a supermarket. Did the nightshift at an Amazon warehouse previously. Current job doesn't pay as well, but the labor and hours are far more tolerable. Random under the table stuff + classes before that. *many shrugs*