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  1. Up to map06, a bunch of maps utilizing the original map07 formula didn't initially sound very enticing, but you lot have hooked me into a full playthrough with map01. There's still some bugs running this in dsda unfortunately
  2. I haven't played the original RoC so I had no real expectations going into these maps either way, but man, I've been having a blast playing through these. Up to map19 and I've loved the ramp up in difficulty and enemy count of the last few maps. Only ran into a few issues so far playing in prboom plus on hmp, and that's the red key on map08 hasn't been flagged for lower difficulties, as well as the rocket launcher in map19 hasn't either.
  3. You can walk into the exit by hopping down into the water off spawn, I assume this isn't intended heh cuteice.zip Also map01 music track doesn't play in prboom but does in dsda, if that matters any.
  4. No, it's definitely not working, this is in the 1.5.6. version. I should mention I played in dsda, I haven't updated it to the latest version maybe that has something to do with this? There's a comment earlier in this thread from phase 2 release last year that also seemed to have the same problem
  5. Fucking fantastic megawad you all have put together here, one of the most enjoyable wads I've played this year. A handful of minor bugs/glitches spoilered, mostly graphical.
  6. TeK (⌐■_■)

    Post a picture...that you took

    Some urban exploration photos
  7. TeK (⌐■_■)

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    I just played map 15 again, and it turns out I was just being a dingus. I just never noticed the red skull key there in the 3 times I played the map.... sorry for the confusion heh.
  8. TeK (⌐■_■)

    Fastest Shovels presents: 30 years Doomed part 2

    Giving this a bump, some enjoyable oldschool doom action here. Also I really hate, but really love e2m7 simultaneously I think?
  9. TeK (⌐■_■)

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    No, if I come across any I'll post them
  10. TeK (⌐■_■)

    THEME-GAWAD: A Doom II Megawad

    Unless there is some really obscure progression I'm missing, map 15 isn't completable in either dsda or prboom. I assume this switch is supposed to lowers the bars on the little bridge/dam thing below, but it does nothing that I can see. IMHO the health could stand be more generous for HMP as well
  11. Absolutely love all the goofiness here!
  12. TeK (⌐■_■)

    Corruption - [35 Map MBF21 Megawad] - (Now on idgames)

    Finally got around to playing this last week, have really been digging it. Feels like it has some sensibilities from 2000s hard wads: hr, av, later scythe 1 and 2 maps, for we are many from cc3 etc... mixed with it's own thing. Unfortunately I think I'm the bearer of bad news
  13. TeK (⌐■_■)

    Early Mass (5 spooky and challenging boom maps!)

    Gave this set a spin on hmp, fun stuff.