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  1. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Hell On Earth Honte Dark Deity's Bastion
  2. You can somewhat (it's still stubborn) play gzdoom in the original resolution with the new version. That's pretty nice. It's not a true 4:3 resolution which results in uneven pixel sizes but that's how it's always been. Some pet peeves remain when you compare it to (superior for what it does) Chocolate Doom, the biggest of which is: The main menu after a split second automatically flips resolution when you press esc (to 640x480 I think) I would like to tweak gzdoom to keep main menu in 320x200 even if some submenus become unreadable. If you know how to do this then please let me know.
  3. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    To be honest I'm just struggling to get the game to work in 4:3, the screenshot is manipulated. It's the Anniversary Edition. Already tried Duke32 which has its own set of problems. I bet you do. So do I. Brutal Heretic Vanilla Essence HD textures + PBR materials Reshade 35fps Tonemapping Now get this, I had to revert to an older GZDoom version because the new one doesn't support hd textures for some reason. I will probably play this a bit without the HD or PBR either, likely to affect the performance in tandem with the brutal mod. Edit: another screen, with marifx back to saturn x tonemapping and some upscaled textures Heretic is too freaking cool
  4. <<Rewind

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    I'm so bad at solving Doom puzzles, man. But it's a beautiful wad, I hope I'll get through it eventually. I'm all for puzzle megawads.
  5. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    (Dead But Dreaming) Why don't you join the dance floor? (I can't tell you the name of this wad, it's confidential. Anyway, how is your sex life?) Avactor Hol' up Lunatic
  6. There have been more than a few such games that I'd been shunning for the longest time, particularly because I'm not typically into action games, but then found that I fairly enjoy. Those include: Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - Looks dumb and is a timesink but this surprisingly has atmosphere to it Deus Ex 1 - There's much here to admire, most of all the sounds and the story GTA 5 - The story in this game is very exciting, literally like an action movie Duke Nukem 3D - About to try this out, getting certain "nostalgic" vibe from it Dark Souls 3 - This one I don't have yet and despite the dislike for RPG and hackslash, the gothic appeal is undeniable Hellblade - As above and without the annoyances of RPG and even more emphasis on the story, so even better
  7. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    UAC Ultra 2 Episode 1 (EDIT: Thank you Chainie) Akeldama Biotech Is Godzilla Ayy Mutiny
  8. <<Rewind

    Djinn - 25 Maps Megawad

    Where can you download this wad now?
  9. <<Rewind

    Rank Your Favourite Megawads

    My favourites at the moment: Eviternity Sigil Ancient Aliens Sunlust Back To Saturn X Episode 1 Happy Paradise Sunder Hell On Earth Akeldama Deus Vult 2 Dark Universe Alienated Stardate 20X7 Back To Saturn X Episode 2 Valiant Alien Bastards Mutiny Nova III Mayhem 2048 Japanese Community Project Jenesis Unholy Realms Ultimate Doom 2 A.L.T. Also on my playlist: 3 Heures d'Agonie 3 After The Fall Alien Vendetta Antaresian Reliquiary Avactor Baculus Biotech Is Godzilla Community Chest 4 Congestsion 1024 Counterattack Crumpets Dark Encounters Dead But Dreaming Deathless Disjunction Dissolution Doom 64 For Doom 2 Doomed Space Wars Epic 2 Evil Egypt Finely Crafted Fetish Film Going Down Hell Ground Hellbound Hellcore 2.0 Hellforged Hellscape Knee Deep In Zdoom Knee Deep In Zdoom Spooky Edition Legacy Of Heroes Lost Civilization Lunatic Mapwich Mayhem 2016 Mayhem 2018 Purple Mayhem 2020 Newdoom Community Project 2 Nihility Nova 2 Pirate Doom Plutonia Revisited Plutonia 2 Refracted Reality Rekkr Return To Hadron Return To Hadron 2 Resurgence Reverie Sawdust Scythe Scythe 2 Stardate 20X6 Struggle Antaresian Legacy Summer Of 69 Super Mayhem 17 Suspended In Dusk Temple Of The Ancients The Slaughter Spectrum The Ultimate Torment And Torture TNT Revilution UAC Ultra Umbral Platinum Unfamiliar Episode 2 UU2E1 Vanguard Whispers Of Satan
  10. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Mayhem 2016 RF 1024 Jazz Jackrabbit
  11. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Paradise Tartarus MMDCXIV TNT Revilution Mayhem Purple
  12. <<Rewind

    Knee-Deep in ZDoom

    Much atmosphere and scarcity of ammo make it a survival horror gem in my book. Fantastic detail to be found in the reimagining of the classic locations.
  13. <<Rewind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

  14. <<Rewind

    Scourge of Leviathan WAD

    Are there more Polish mappers out there that you know of?
  15. <<Rewind

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    Nice looking maps, particularly Dolor and Aggilus. This is the first time I actually heard AIWS, while playing the first level. I love all their records. I guess you couldn't actually include Maeror Tri as soundtrack. But it's great to stumble on references to such obscure things I love. Good wad to play with retro graphics, although I doubt I'll ever finish those massive levels.