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  1. Pixel Fiend

    ⭐ Rank Your Favourite Wads

    I maintain such list to justify why the game is worth playing. I wanted to keep it short but I like the maps you guys make so the collection keeps on growing. The emphasis is in judging if the wad is fun enough to toss out other forms of entertainment in favour the time it demands of you to play it. I appreciate eye-catching custom textures, good music, creative and fluid gameplay that cuts to the chase, rather than seeing more of the same. If you feel like playing a map again it's a good indicator it's worthwhile for you. So while "No End in Sight" and "Deathless" comprise maps I'd consider good, some of which I really like playing, I'd rather leave them out because if I spend time on those wads I'll feel weariness from not choosing to entertain myself with something more satisfying. The ranking is just a reflection of that, rather than an evaluation with hidden grading. But the list keeps pushing and soon I'll also add those: COMMUNITY CHEST 2 CHRISTMAS IN INFERNO 180 MINUTES POUR VIVRE
  2. Pixel Fiend

    ⭐ Rank Your Favourite Wads

    I added links to many new wads, inluding Irkalla, Dreamcatcher Apparatus, Hydrosphere and others.
  3. Pixel Fiend

    'Improve the map above you' Thread

    May be a good idea. I noticed two things that you might want to require to avoid big confusion: 1. Require stating a clearly worded name of the map in its header by the poster. Preferably with spaces, in all capital letters, at the top of the post. As more people start to pile up, you may otherwise lose track of what is what. Versions of the map would make it easier to navigate as well. 2. Require stating that someone is currently editing a map to avoid situations where there are several edits of the same thing going on simultaneously. So when someone is interested, they must say something like: (quote of the clearly worded name) I am editing this map. After completing it the post is edited to include the edited version, e.g. ISSO ISSO ISSO (1.1).rar
  4. Pixel Fiend

    Megawads with custom textures?

    By the way place such threads in wad discussion folder next time.
  5. Pixel Fiend

    Doom 2 Changed..

    Ok I got punk'd. But not gonna lie, the third "smoke on the water" had me rolling with laughter.
  6. Pixel Fiend

    Shallow World Episode 1 (Now on IDGAMES)

    Congrats on the release. I'm looking forward to playing some more of it.
  7. Those are really atmospheric high quality graphics. Good job. Thanks to the high res versions it's also possible to make more jagged versions. Although I can't help but wish that each building was an accurate representation of each map. But it doesn't make the execution of the idea in this form any less cool.
  8. Pixel Fiend

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    Didn't suggest removing Square 13 in the first place and didn't do that now either. The alternative square was proposed as an additional alternative file. If you prefer to not have it then so be it.
  9. Pixel Fiend

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    It's a leftover. I had made an edit of the ugly square 13 which included the secret mega armor. The alternative version with the edit restored may still become available in some form if I receive any support for it.
  10. Pixel Fiend

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    Maybe that's a reward for following the map title.
  11. Pixel Fiend

    3 day speedmap with congestion 1024 limits (cl 9)

    Brilliant wad, name it please?
  12. Pixel Fiend

    Bandither - A Retro Shader for GZDoom and FTEQW

    Checkerbox Magic Square [below] Thanks so much for this fascinating mod, you're a legend. If you post it here https://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=103 they're gonna love it as well. I've always been curious to see such checkerbox shader and you're the first one to implement it. Magic square looks great too! For testing purposes I recommend binding: bind z "gl_bandither_enabled 0" bind x "gl_bandither_enabled 1" For low resolution in GzDoom I'd recommend 320x200, software renderer and disabled interpolation. Hardware mode looks more distorted in low resolution unfortunately (I doubt they'll ever fix it).
  13. Pixel Fiend

    Bandither - A Retro Shader for GZDoom and FTEQW

    That's amazing that you'd be willing to try something like that. The first three screenshots above are your addon in gzdoom with low colour count so that the bayer pattern is more visible. Pixels are grouped in sort of clusters while the second screenshot in comparison features a graphic I made with checkerbox dithering filtre. It often makes the image resemble pixel art because it's a commonly used pattern with colour transitions. It's different from bayer clusters. I wonder how visible it would be in game if it's possible to have something like such checkerbox.
  14. Pixel Fiend

    Bandither - A Retro Shader for GZDoom and FTEQW

    Seems like I owe you a big one for this. I've probably tried out all available retro shaders for gzdoom, including some recent experimental gzdoom build from zdoom forums, and yours is the most interesting so far. So thank you for Bandither! Definitely a feature worth checking out. I'll bump here again with some screenshots in the future when I happen to play some wad that requires this port. And Bayer 2x2 is indeed fairly similar to a "checkerbox" effect on the edges but it would definitely be even more interesting to see how the checkerbox effect looks like if you find a way to include it. By the way I think fullscreen 320x200 screenshots from gzdoom can only be captured in real time with something like Reshade or Steam Overlay.