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Everything posted by Tobester

  1. Tobester

    GTA: San Andreas

  2. Tobester

    Rate Your Hygiene

    A few days ago my buddy Tek and I went to donate plasma cause we needed such vital things as cigarettes and Pepsi. I couldn't donate because I had 4 veins to draw from in my right arm and none in my left arm (wonder why, heh) and they require both arms to have veins. Tek passed the vein requirement and was sent to the back room, but came out a few minutes later looking pissed off, because a doctor complained that he had a 'personal hygeine' problem. He didn't look dirty/smell bad/fart/etc. so it was like WTF! I think it was cause we were white.
  3. Tobester

    So this is what I have to do to get a girl?

    I offered to take my current female interest to see Cats and that worked. I don't do the shoulder rubbing thing because every time I do theres always a joke about how strong my right hand is compared to my left hand.
  4. Tobester

    Henry Rollins spoken word..

    ive got a few of his spoken word shows from kazaa they're pretty awesome the death to smoochy story is fucked up I like his ideas on the KKK
  5. Tobester

    Ugly motha...

    Fuck, I'd like to know why my hair is orange but everyone says its red!
  6. Tobester

    Ugly motha...

    BS, i'd totally poke you with a ten foot pole. As for me, well, personally I wonder why i fend off the opposite sex with a pointy stick so much.
  7. Tobester

    Vote Now for your favorite Action Ad!

    Fuck, I didn't know it was already over :/ I was going to take a picture of someone (probably gh0st) hanging from something and photoshopping it into the guy hanging from the helicopter in the trailer, but we've been busy with other things.
  8. Tobester

    Upcoming Bands (maybe)

    I need to make a site for Disturbed Chicken, a band I started with Lu-Wang that features me on guitar, Lu on guitar, and a mysterious cacodemon on drums.
  9. Tobester

    Maggots [Slipknot]

    I've not heard the new songs yet, but they'd make me listen if they played a few solos. I saw a video with Mick playing some awesome shit on his guitar but he doesnt do any nice shit like that in slipknot.
  10. Tobester

    Dawn of the Dead

    That happy lounge version of 'Down With The Sickness' was pretty awesome.
  11. Tobester

    good god

    I think I'll pass. Don't like dying a lot.
  12. Tobester

    Dawn of the Dead

    I've seen it. I own it, actually. His guts don't look like oatmeal. They look more like a string of vienna sausages.
  13. Tobester

    Any last words?

    Let's poke it with a stick and see what happens!
  14. Tobester

    fav meat

    I'm partial to linguica.
  15. Tobester

    QuakeCon 2004

    yep. me too.
  16. Tobester

    Animal rights

    Meat is my favorite food. I don't think animals should be treated the way they are in some places. They're going to be killed eventually and packaged into nice frozen patties, so I say they should have a nice life while they are here. Let em roam around, dont keep them chained up, clean up their shit daily, etc, that sort of thing. Its the least we can do since we are eating them.
  17. Tobester

    Dawn of the Dead

    I havent seen it yet (god fucking jacked off in my cheerios and made daytonlanfest.com]dlf the same weekend as the movie premiere) but I hope its good. And uh, the original came out in 78, dicktard.
  18. Tobester

    That Show I work on...

    ow my sexy cheek it better be good!
  19. Tobester

    That Show I work on...

    insert standard comment about how the green pile rules and should be updated more here.
  20. Tobester

    Favorite Doom Clone

    some real 'clones' would be more along the lines of maybe Corridor 7(i think thats what its called anyway). A few years ago I read of a psx game with a similar storyline to Doom, but I cant remember the name.
  21. Tobester

    Before you die...

    Nope, just wanna be proper in my killings. Killing the innocent is naughty! I don't remember you ever pissing me off...
  22. Tobester

    Before you die...

    Heh, well, I don't want it to be like '*stab* ok I killed grazza whose next- wait a minute oops i didn't write down grazza, i wrote down kathy lee gifford! how stupid of me lol oh well maybe next time'
  23. Tobester

    Before you die...

    most of my good posts are like that, but I kinda got bored and spent two hours coming through some of my old posts last night and didn't find it :/
  24. Tobester

    Before you die...

    No, it wasnt that (i dont remember that actually, mind refreshing my memory?). Something like that wouldn't really piss me off anyway.
  25. Tobester

    TV station got owned