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Everything posted by Tobester

  1. Tobester

    I need sex, and LOTS of it

    heh I'll take you over 38JJJ, bleeve me
  2. Tobester

    I need sex, and LOTS of it

    No I want cleavage I can just curl up inside
  3. Tobester

    I need sex, and LOTS of it

    HEY I SAID HOT BITCHES NOT GUYS I don't care about mouthfuls, I want breasts I can fit inside
  4. Tobester

    Some editing tips.

  5. Tobester

    Who wants some Heretic levels?

    hy y00 b4sr4d ur suposed to ask me first! * Tobester cries
  6. Tobester

    immoral conduct is the shiznat

    Imoral Conduct is the fucking bizatcho cheerio nacho shiznittle shiznittle cause of the bitatcho nacho guns and those one hizzles are yummy
  7. Tobester

    oh look it's me

    um I formatted my hard drive and lost your wad that I was building I SWEAR! IT'S THE TRUTH!
  8. Tobester

    League of Liberty

    About two and a half years ago I started a doom mod, named League of Liberty for lack of a better name. Back then, it sucked ass very much, if you could get it running to play it and say so. For all reasons and purposes, when I went offline and had to rely on a 486 for enjoyment, I pretty much quit working on it, until one day I stumbled onto it, started playing it, and said, "Damn this is pretty l33t" (I did say that btw :) So I scrapped EVERYTHING I had so far, restarted, and just added things I wanted to keep in the game, as well as restart maps. Of course, throughout this entire period, I beleive I can count everybody who knew about the game on my two hands, including myself. When I got back online, I decided that I would want people to actually know about the game, so I mailed newdoom about it, and they put news up about it. (I didn't dare mail Doomworld, cause they never answered my mails before, so I didn't think they would again) But still, not many people come to the site :( As far as I know, no one even downloaded the public beta (Which I found out was broke, but no one even emailed me asking for help to run it) So go to it now. PLEASE. The link is in my sig.
  9. Tobester

    League of Liberty

    No, not that :p We can dl it, just not play it :(
  10. Tobester

    League of Liberty

    Really? That's pretty fucked up, considering none of us can.
  11. Tobester

    New Things in Edge 1.25

    I learned the cheap lazy way to add new things to maps with Wad Author. Inside your map, place an item, ANY item, where yo want the monster/new thing and right click on it, "Edit Raw Data", and change the mapnumber to that of your new thing. It'll show up as a grey spot on the editing map, but it's there in-game.
  12. Tobester

    League of Liberty

    I wouldn't do that if I were you. The demo's broke :( We're trying to figger out what the prollem is
  13. Tobester

    DOOM Anomaly

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find/has a copy on their hard drive of DOOM Anomaly. The same day it came out a few years back I went offline, so I couldn't dl it, and by the time I DID get back online doomnation was gone. :/
  14. Tobester

    DOOM Anomaly

    I downloaded that a LONG time ago, like right when I came back online, but never played it, I just looked at the ddf files and wads in Wintex. I think I dl it again to try it out :)
  15. Tobester

    DOOM Anomaly

    That wasn't it, but I downloaded it anyways :P Thx anyway tho.
  16. Tobester

    DOOM Anomaly

    that'd be cool thx Tobester666@yahoo.com
  17. Tobester

    DOOM Anomaly

    Gah I played the demo :) Nicey But does anyone have the version that was released?
  18. Tobester

    Just curious...

    Rofl What are you guys fighting about?