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Everything posted by Tobester

  1. Tobester

    John Romero marries 18 year old Romanian

    whoo I'm 3 weeks older than romero's new chick time to pour on the charm...
  2. Tobester

    Robocop vs. The Terminator

    Your momma was a snowblower! Johnny 5 would get his ass kicked, cause he has feelings and shit.
  3. Tobester

    Robocop vs. The Terminator

    But it's fun! :(
  4. Tobester

    McDonalds in the McWorld......?

    They still do, here. There used to be three places to get Krispy Kremes here; A Krispy Kreme store, a gas station nearby sold them, and a nearby UDF had them. Now, afaik, the Krispy Kreme store was shut down due to excessive break-ins and the gas station went under.
  5. Tobester

    Robocop vs. The Terminator

    Robocop isn't an elite trooper with lots of experience in defeating cyborgs? :P
  6. Tobester


    yeah I get it too. I also had to login (as in manually enter my username in password instead of the nice cookie) for what seems like the first time in months
  7. Tobester

    McDonalds in the McWorld......?

    I live in ohio (dayton), and there's a Mcdonalds downtown, one over by the projects, one about a mile up the street from the projects, one by the afb, one by wsu, and I think one inside every wal mart (4).
  8. Tobester

    Doomworld Community

    I feel left out. Someone invite me :(
  9. Tobester

    Any one want to help me work on my web page?

    That place gets my 'totally not gay' award. It's how I learned html.
  10. Tobester

    Doomers by Location

    Christ, more of you bastards live in Ohio than I originally anticipated. Maybe Cyb is right... Earth/North America/USA/Ohio/Dayton
  11. Tobester

    More crap from Microsoft

    Fucking gay.
  12. Tobester

    Your Real Career

    That would go well with my secret childhood dream to be a space marine that kills stuff on mars...
  13. Tobester

    P2P Strikes Back

    fp, timeline, etc.
  14. Tobester

    Your Real Career

    My current profession involves waiting until the 1st of the month to cash my disability check, but once the government thinks im safe enough to work, I plan on becoming a rock star and/or an astronaut.
  15. Tobester

    No more SUPERRPG......

    what is superrpg?
  16. Tobester

    Serouis Sam2 and Metroid:Zero Mission

    Uh, isn't the serious engine = unreal?
  17. Tobester

    Wolfenstein 2000:Coming soon!!!

    Wasn't 2000 4 years ago? whatever, grandpa, lets see some 3000 games thats why 3057 kicks so much ass
  18. Tobester


    I learned how to juggle when I was in kindergarden, but that was 14 years ago. Trying now with a few objects of equal weight (batteries and a usb/ps2 connector) I cant do it anymore.
  19. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    Tis very fucked up :/
  20. Tobester

    Drink Driving

    It's people like this that give alcoholic beverages a bad name :/
  21. Tobester

    EDGE scripting

    Radius Trigger Scripting Find info on it here somewhere
  22. Tobester

    Damn, that's a lotta files . . .

    F:\Everything\ (porn dir) is 864 MB (906,248,192 bytes), 3,393 files and 92 folders Broken down into subdirectories:F:\Everything\Dojins, mangas, etc\ is 185 MB (194,904,064 bytes), 2,187 files and 54 folders F:\Everything\Movies\ is 565 MB (593,317,888 bytes), 272 files and 17 folders F:\Everything\Photosets\ is 111 MB (116,498,432 bytes), 932 files and 18 folders F:\mp3\ is 2.25 GB (2,418,475,008 bytes), 781 files, 103 folders.
  23. Tobester

    Your 'to do' list:

    There are a few things I'd like to do before too much more time passes: Work out the stupid crap so I can get my GED. Recreate a bike trip I made when I was 12 to Cincinatti and back. I want to move to Florida and/or my childhood vacation spot of Tehachapi, California Master the songs that made me want to learn guitar; Duke Nukem theme, Christmas over Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Fade To Black by Metallica, among others.
  24. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    man, I go downtown to take care of business and when I come back I missed two good pages chock full of rants and flames. I missed out. That's fucking retarded :/ I know about 6 people that this will effect. I don't suppose you have a nice news link where I could read up on more info? :P I'm afraid to think about you having kids in the first place :/