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Everything posted by Tobester

  1. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    Why do straight people have a right to get married?
  2. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    You've got issues, my friend :P Why do you have a right to live in a world free of gay marriages? Furthermore, what makes it "wrong"? Letting gay people marry each other doesn't hurt anybody.
  3. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    That's the first opinion that I've heard here on dwf thats made any sense in a long, long time.
  4. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    ooh, a farce!
  5. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    Not to mention, I don't think any of us want to envision a "million 'mo march" on the capital.
  6. Tobester

    Land rights for gay whales!

    I went to a protest downtown a year ago. A bunch of uni kids were protesting Bush for wanting to go to iraq or something. I had an intelligent, thoughtful conversation with a hot chick for about an hour. Then her boyfriend came back. That's the extent of my hippy days.
  7. Tobester

    The State of Union Address

    I fell asleep this afternoon and slept through it :/ As UV said, is there a transcript available anywhere? I feel an mst3k coming on...
  8. Tobester

    Most under rated game?

    http://www.gameport.com/bbs/lord2.html Although people who've played the original LORD mostly think its a shitty sequel, I fucking loved it :)
  9. Tobester

    Big Rigs!

  10. Tobester

    spamdom random

    You win this time, Trebek...
  11. Tobester

    spamdom random

    Aol spams the world with nitwit users, not vice versa :P
  12. Tobester

    spamdom random

    I noticed that in the last week ive gotten a LOT of spam at my @aol email address. Actually, all I get at that address is spam, since I've never bothered to find out what that email address is to give out to people. I blame aol for spamming their own customers. Fucking reamed. ugh.
  13. Tobester

    problems using windows media player

    I use Winamp 2.91(tm)
  14. Tobester

    Full screen video commercials

    Mmm, Opera!
  15. Tobester

    Presidential Quiz

    I got 4. But I missed 2 cause I accidently clicked the wrong button.
  16. Tobester

    Avatars question

  17. Tobester

    UGO Forwarding page

    You win this time, Trebek...
  18. Tobester

    UGO Forwarding page

  19. Tobester

    UGO Forwarding page

    I've not seen a forwarding page yet, which makes me better than y'all. Plus i dont really use 3ddownloads at all, so yay for me EVEN MORE.
  20. Tobester

    Funniest Threads

    http://web.archive.org/web/20010401171115/http://www.doomworld.com/ Funniest news post EVER :D
  21. Tobester

    video games in real life

    Dehacked patches
  22. Tobester

    NewDoom's disaster

    I'm pretty sure I was banned a long time ago for something, but I've not been banned yet. Although I don't remember joining the forums pre-hack in the first place.
  23. If you haven't noticed yet, http://goatse.cx is down, apparently shut down by the people who run .cx. This isn't a trick to make people go see the gaping asshole that has plagued us for the last three or four years. This is a time which will live in infamy forever. Tomorrow I will mourn and have a candlelight vigil, and wear a black armband and all that shit.

    In protest, someone has created this (I can't remember who sent it to me):


    Sign the petition so that one day we may again break the internet hymen of some newb!

    Mods: I'm hoping that the combination of goatse being down and this being a blog will not result in this being ph'd. I've never posted a blog before so I dunno the exact rules.

    1. GooberMan


      I get a "Page cannot be found" error now... anyone else getting that?

      EDIT: My bad, false alarm.

    2. Tobester


      GooberMan said:

      I get a "Page cannot be found" error now... anyone else getting that?

      That is all I get, except for one time that I received the 'This site has been shut down' page.

    3. GooberMan


      Yeah, it's doing it to me again. Just after I posted that, I was seeing the site proper again, but now it's giving me "Page cannot be found" again.

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  24. Tobester

    Cool program

    This program gets my 'not gay' award.